Want To Add a Fun and Nature to Your Backyard? – Try Adding Birdhouses

by May 30, 2022
Want To Add a Fun and Nature to Your Backyard? – Try Adding Birdhouses

If you are an animal lover, try getting an outdoor birdhouse instead of caging birds inside. You don’t have to confine birds to care for them; you can let them be free and still give them food and water from time to time.

If you want to go a step ahead, install birdhouses in your backyard. Birdhouses protect birds from harsh weather conditions such as rain and cold winters. And in return, the birds keep your gardens free of pests, pollinated, and conserved! It is a win-win! Please scroll down to see a few of our top recommendations for top-quality and attractive birdhouses.

5 Best Birdhouses for Your Home in 2022:

Nature’s Way Cedar Bird House – Pole Mounted
This birdhouse has a simplistic look and is made from top-quality cedarwood. It is resistant to rotting and insect infestations. It has a clear and crack-resistant viewing window and has good ventilation through walls and floor openings. This house also has a predator guard and a long entrance to protect the birds against predators.

Wild Wings Bluebird Box House on white background

Nature’s Way Cedar Bird House – Hanging
This is the hanging version of the premium cedar wood birdhouse above. It is designed for smaller birds such as chickadees and wrens. It has a small entrance hole that will keep out larger birds like sparrows. It has a sloped roof and clean-out doors that give easy access to cleaning.

Nature's Way Cedar Hanging Wren Bird House

Woodlink Coppertop Cedar Bird House
This birdhouse is made from natural cedar too. The roof of this birdhouse is covered under a sheet of copper. It is special for bluebirds; it has a predator guard that fits in its entrance plus a single door in the front that swings out. While the copper top adds durability and attraction, it is best not to place it in direct sunlight.

Coppertop Bluebird House BB303

BestNest S&K 16 Room Purple Martin House
The beautiful design of this birdhouse is specifically to attract Purple Martins. It is a mansion for Purple Martins with sixteen rooms and an aluminum pole ground socket. It has easy access doors so it can be cleaned without trouble. 

Woodlink Wooden Bluebird House
This is made with beautiful kiln-dried red cedar. The wood has insect repelling and weather-resistant abilities, like the cedar birdhouses above. The front has half an inch of an entrance to attract the eastern bluebird. It is easy to clean and has a drain hole in the base. The sloped roof provides excellent insulation.

Woodlink Bluebird House

Do you think it is good to get a birdhouse for your yard? Tell us why or why not in the comments below. We love the refreshing sound of birds chirping in the morning!