What is New with IKEA Furniture? 5 Furniture Options that Go Well in Every Household

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What is New with IKEA Furniture? 5 Furniture Options that Go Well in Every Household

Unless you live near an IKEA, you know that going to the store and getting something from there is an all-day task. There are countless reasons for that, one of them being the vast store itself. There are so many things there at IKEA that you sometimes find yourself lost there. But, despite that, a trip to IKEA is always worth your time and energy due to their fabulous prices and durable products.

But not everyone has a whole day that they can spend, so naturally, they would need an alternative. The best way to save time and buy necessary things at IKEA is to research what you need beforehand and ask for exactly that when you get to the store, or you can order them online too! Here are a few great items that would go amazingly with any household.

1. BILLY Bookcase
This is one of the most popular products of IKEA of all time. There is an excellent reason for that too! This is a huge bookcase, and it is highly customizable. On top of that, you cannot find something of this quality at the same price anywhere else.


2. RIGGA Clothes Rack
Sometimes your cupboards do not really cut it when it comes to the hanging space of your clothes. Or you may need some clothes that are accessible quickly as you dress up for your office in the morning. This shelf has hanging space, space for your shoes and cabinets for foldable clothes, all this only for $13!


3. KALLAX Shelf Unit
The KALLAX Shelf unit is one of the most versatile products by IKEA. It comes in a few different shapes and sizes. You can choose for yourself  how many drawers, open cabinets, doors or bins you want. It would be a perfect addition to any home.


4. SATSUMAS Plant Stand
Not everyone is looking for something purely functional such as the things listed above. Sometimes you need a little something to pull the aura of the room together. This cute little bamboo plant stand is the perfect example. With it, you get multiple matching items, making it just perfect for your household.


5. LACK Side Table
If you want something on the plainer side of the spectrum, but at a very cheap option, a LACK side table is what you need. The starting price point of $9 is just something you cannot argue with. You can get it in many color's, and if you are into DIY, there are some fantastic projects you can make with this.


Did you like our suggestions for furniture? Next time you go to IKEA be sure to check them out. Tell us about your favorite IKEA items in the comments below!

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