What Does Your Social Media Profile Say About You? Tips on Making a Good Impression Online

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What Does Your Social Media Profile Say About You? Tips on Making a Good Impression Online

Do you spend a lot of time on your socials? Well, you might just be doing yourself a favor without knowing it. With the modern connectivity we have because of the internet, accessing information has never been easier. This includes information on people as well. When you make an account on social media, it is not just your friends you can see you.


Anyone who wishes to know a bit about you can access your information, and this includes recruiters. So making a good first impression with your social media profile may be more vital than you give it credit for. Here are a few tips that you can follow to make your social media profile stand out:



1. Search For Yourself On Google
You need to know what people will see when they come across your information on Google. Check to see if what comes up is good or bad. You might see a social media profile coming up, and which one comes up matters.


2. Make Use Of Privacy Settings
Sometimes you have stuff on your profile that would hurt you if an employer saw it, but you do not want to delete it either. Privacy settings can be your friends here. Social media has a strong privacy setting. You can hide or even restrict the photos and posts that you want a particular group of people not to find.


3. Have Complete Information
Use all the details that a social media platform gives you for your information and share details about yourself. How you present yourself to people visiting your profile can make all the difference between them having a good or bad impression of you. Twitter gives you 160 characters for your intro; make the most out of them.


4. Profile Visuals
Your profile photo is much more than something to identify you by on social media. You need to have a picture that portrays you as both professional and warm. Some social media sites such as Facebook allow you to have a cover photo as well. Use that wisely to say something about yourself that words cannot.


5. Post Regularly
Finally, what you post will surely pique the interest of the employer. You need to follow people who are influential in your field and post quality content regularly, so your employer understands that you take your personality seriously.
Companies also look at your profile and may reconsider selecting you based on that.



Social media plays a much more vital role in our lives than we think. What are your thoughts about this? Tell us in the comments below.

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