What are the New SEO Changes by Google?

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What are the New SEO Changes by Google?
Google is a platform where you can search for almost anything. SEO is a process used to bring the most valid content on top of the search list. The better the content, the most likely it will be higher, according to Google’s algorithm. Continue reading this article to understand and know about the new SEO Changes by google.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of the trafficking to your website. It helps in optimizing the content available.

The world of SEO is so dynamic. The version you used today might differ tomorrow, thus keeping in mind the changes that are occurring is essential.

What are the updates google has brought us?

Google updates its software’s for better performance and aims to make things easier for its users. These updates are essential because it creates more efficiency.

The following are some essential updates in the SEO world:

Posts updated can be longer

Content specialists have argued about the length of content that can be posted. Now that problem has been addressed, and this solves a critical topic.

Bucket Brigade

This is another update that acts as a connector between paragraphs. It’s a compelling tactic that lures readers into reading it with ease. Short sentences have a good look and engage the reader with the content.

Snippet Update

How is this update helpful? Simple. It will limit URLs that are made known in the featured snippet to come into view again within the top ten organic search results.


These updates are quite interesting and show that the features will play a vital role in enhancing SEO. Writers will take advantage of these updates and make the most of it.

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