What are The Cheapest Travel Destinations and Reasons Why You Should Visit Them

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What are The Cheapest Travel Destinations and Reasons Why You Should Visit Them

Everyone has that dream to vacation somewhere they have never been before. Sitting on beaches and sipping on Pina Coladas in a coconut, hiking, or having a birds-eye view of a scenic island from a helicopter. But traveling is hard on the wallet, especially with the current situation of fuel and the economy. But what you may not know is that you can travel on a budget too! Here are some fantastic travel destinations that will be easy on your wallet:


1. Thailand
Due to its idyllic islands, rich culture, and plenty of beach huts, Thailand is very popular amongst backpackers. The cuisine over there is absolutely irresistible, and you can have many adventures there. And it all is available at a staggeringly low price.



2. South Africa
If you want a safari experience without budget implications that can break your back, you need to pay a visit to South Africa. You can see the white rhino at Hluhluwe-Imoflozi and do not forget to visit Cape Town. You can have the trip of a lifetime at an astonishingly low price!



3. Vietnam
The sublime countryside, limestone karsts of the north, the waterways and paddy fields of the Mekong Delta makes Vietnam a pleasure to visit. The cuisine is so affordable that you can have a full meal at any pho stall in the country just for a couple of dollars.



4. Uruguay
If you have already visited Brazil and Argentina and are looking for even better value, just move a little towards neighboring Uruguay. There is terrific steak, and there are numerous lovely beaches in the country. The abundant wildlife and the gorgeous capital Montevideo will have you taken aback!



5. Cuba
The relations between the US and Cuba are warming up, and before the prices start to go up even more, you really need to pay it a visit. You will be utterly intoxicated by the warm Caribbean beach and the salsa clubs of Havana!




6. Prague
This is located in the Czech Republic. Even though it is firmly on the tourist trail, it is still one of the cheapest capitals of Europe to visit! In the beautiful city full of history, you can easily enjoy a hearty meal and wash it down with a decent local beer in just a few Czech Crowns.



Have you ever tried traveling on a budget? What was it like? Tell us in the comments below! Traveling is food for the soul. Sometimes, traveling on a budget can be more worthwhile than going to a costly location!

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