Ways to Get Your Children to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables!

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Ways to Get Your Children to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables!

It is common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are a healthy diet choice for you and your family. Fruits and veggies help you avoid many critical health issues such as heart disease or even a stroke! They also have an excellent effect on levels of blood sugar that help you keep your diet in control and keep you in shape.


There are almost nine different families of fruits and vegetables with different kinds of nutrients in each. For example, eating non-starchy fruits and veggies can help you lose weight. However, if you are a parent, you know how hard it is to make your kids eat vegetables, especially with all the taste bud tingling fast-food around. Here are a few tips to get your kids to eat veggies:


1. Keep Fruits Approachable
One of the many reasons kids do not eat fruits and vegetables is that they are simply not plain sight. Keep fruit washed, cut up, and in plain sight in the fridge so when your kids feel like eating something, they see it as an easy and quick option.


2. Prioritize Salads
You need to serve more salads to train your kids' taste buds to have them with most meals. You can either get pre-washed and bagged salad at the grocery store or make it fresh at home. Also, teach your kids to choose an appropriate side salad for a dish they order at a restaurant.


3. Include Fruits In Every Meal
You can easily add a fruit or a vegetable to every meal of the day. For example, you can add fruit to the cereal of your kids each morning. Not only would it provide nutrition, but the right fruit also tastes terrific with cereal and milk. You can add a piece of fruit for your kid's lunch at school and have a veggie and a dip as an after-school snack!


4. Be A Role Model
You need to understand that your children imitate what you do for the most part. So if you find yourself eating unhealthy food very often, your children will catch on to that habit from you. Eat fruits and veggies regularly in front of your kids; after all, they are good for you too!


5. Eat As A Family Often
Researches have shown that children tend to eat much healthier when they eat with the family. Partly because the parents can keep a check and partly because they feel motivated to do that in a family unit.



Having a variety of different colored vegetables in your meal not only adds extra nutrients to it but also makes up for a very eye-appealing meal! It is always great when your kids eat vegetables regularly. Tell us about any tips you have to make your kids eat more veggies in the comments below!

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