Ways to Eliminate Pre-Workout Procrastination and Get a Move On

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Ways to Eliminate Pre-Workout Procrastination and Get a Move On

Picture this: the sun is just rising, and you can smell the fresh air of the morning as your alarm clock is going off. It is blaring loudly, and the sound feels like it is drilling into your head. You know you have to get up, but you do not want to. You pictured that with so much accuracy, mainly because the person was you on several occasions!


That one decision to turn off the alarm clock and get up or go back to sleep is the hardest decision you have to make that morning. Once you actually get a move on and things are in motion, stuff gets more manageable, and frankly, more fulfilling too. This is a common experience of pre-workout procrastination. To fight procrastination, you need to do the following:




1. Make It Enjoyable
The first step to do something regularly is to have fun doing it. You look forward to doing stuff you have fun doing, and that is obvious. You can make exercise fun for yourself is by getting a group of friends to go with you. As you jog, you will be conversing and having fun, and you will be looking forward to it the next day.




2. Make It Consistent
The best part about fitness is that it gets easier every time you do it, given that it is daily. Making it fun would help you be regular, and once you are steady, fitness is just at your doorstep.


3. Make It Convenient
Add exercise to your daily routine as if it were part of it. Get a bicycle and run all your errands on it, park away from your office and walk a few blocks. Also, if you plan on running, get some Nike ZoomX shoes and running gear that allows you to run freely and comfortably. If going to the gym is trouble, buy a set of dumbbells and an adjustable bench and work out in your room!



4. Incentivize It
To stick to a strict routine, you need an incentive. See it this way, a salesman puts in all that effort into the sale because they know if they close it, they will get their share of commission on it. You need to have a reward system that motivates you to keep going. You can do that by using apps such as Lose It! that allow you to track your progress. Also, you can sign up for a charity walk or run!



You do not have to be asleep to experience pre-workout procrastination; many of us cannot find the motivation to go to the gym even if we are awake! If you have successfully trained yourself not to give up on workouts, tell us in the comments below!

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