Video gaming consoles in 2021 that your Children will cherish

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Video gaming consoles in 2021 that your Children will cherish

Let’s start with stating the obvious, kids love video games! They can spend hours glued to the gaming console if they genuinely like it. But unlike the tech-savvy youngsters, any parents who want to surprise their kids with a fantastic console do not know which one is the best. With the wrong information, you might end up getting the wrong console at an unjustified price.

If you know a bit about gaming consoles, you would know that there are only a few big players in the market, but making a choice is difficult as each console has its own merits. But with the similarity in the specs and ambiguous model names, even the most tech-savvy of us can get confused. So here are a few recommendations that your child will love!


1. PlayStation 5 – The Best Console
The first two reasons why a Ps5 should be your top of the list is the sheer popularity of the PlayStation consoles and the best launch lineup of any console ever. It has lightning-fast load speeds, a new controller, and excellent new titles that have been launched with the console. In addition, this is the best plug-and-play platform available in the market.

2. Xbox Series X – The Runners Up
It is the most powerful Xbox ever with the added value of Game Pass. It is built for gamers to enjoy as many of the newest titles as possible and excellent graphics quality. This is a tech powerhouse, having up to eight times more graphical performance over the Xbox One and twice as much as the Xbox One X.

3. Nintendo Switch – Best Portable Gaming Console
 This was a great side-step by Nintendo in the race of gaming consoles. They not only change the way the console functions but also changed places it can be used. This is a hybrid device that can be connected to a port to function as a traditional gaming console and be removed from that dock to play as a handheld device!

4. PlayStation 4 Pro – Best Value For Money
This was the top console from the last generation and still has many titles that you can play on it. But since the release of the PS5, the price has dropped significantly, with no drop in its gaming prowess. It is a serious gaming machine with a lot to offer at a lower price.


All of these gaming consoles have an edge over the others. So which one do you see yourself buying? Let us know in the comments below.

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