Updated Back To School Policies We Must Follow

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Updated Back To School Policies We Must Follow
While the year 2020 has been difficult for everyone, children seem to be the most affected. Teenagers and adults have understood the sensitivity of the situation. Understandably, that is not the case with children. They stopped going to school all of a sudden and had to attend online classes. They must have had thousands of questions in their minds. Now that schools are opening again, they are most likely to ask these questions. What you need to do is handle them carefully and understand the back to school policies they have to follow to ensure they remain safe and healthy.

No hugging!

Keep in mind that your children would be meeting their friends after a long time. Hence, to show their affection, it is natural that they would want to hug their friends. The first back to school policy that you must follow is to ensure they don’t embrace their friends- at least for now. Remind them that the virus spreads through human contact. They might not even feel ill or anything, but they would still pass it on to someone else. When you talk to children about how their actions might become a cause of distress to other people, they usually react positively. So feel free to have a pep-talk with the little ones!

Always wear masks

One of the most effective ways of stopping the virus from spreading is wearing masks. That is why you have to teach your children how to wear masks properly. If your child still has some time before he or she starts going to school, you can ask him/her to wear the mask at home. This way, they would have gotten used to wearing the mask before going to school. By the time their school opens, they would have no problem following the policy. Do keep in mind that if your child is younger than 24 months of age, you must be careful about making him/her wear a mask because it may cause some health problems.

Be an open children’s book

There is no point in hiding the truth from children. They will learn the truth about the virus anyway, especially now that they are going to school. Their friend or their teachers might discuss it with them. Should you choose to avoid their questions and discussions that they deem essential, their anxiety will only increase. That is why it is imperative that you be honest and open with them. Please note that the type of conversation you are going to have with your children depends on their age. Be a wise parent!

Sharing is not caring

Most children would be surprised at the idea of not sharing something with their friends, especially if the back to school policy is coming from their parents. However, it is up to their parents to tell them how sharing is not caring these days. They shouldn’t touch anyone else’s food nor should they allow someone else to reach theirs.

How do you plan on having a conversation with the young ones? Is there something you would like everyone else to know about parenting? Let us know in the comments section below!

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