Upcoming Smartphone Supporting the All-New Android 11 Software- Check ‘em out

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Upcoming Smartphone Supporting the All-New Android 11 Software- Check ‘em out
Keeping up with digital advancement is what people prefer, and why not? Smartphones with high-tech software are hitting the shelves soon. Surely, you wouldn’t want to miss on this newbie.

An Android Update in a nutshell

It is basically an operating system for mobile phones that is sponsored by Google. Specifically designed for smartphones and tablets, it is based on various open-source software. It was first launched in 2008, and it has been the best-selling operating system since 2011, globally. Today it has 2 billion monthly users and 2.9 million apps on Google Play Store.

Launching Android 11: Preview

Android has always kept us updated to the latest technology, from 5G to foldable displays; it never disappoints its users. It has now launched the preview of the upcoming android 11 software, which is definitely going to leave you awestruck. With all-new latest features to help users keep up with the latest innovations, it is keeping a tight rein on users’ privacy. It is coming up with new features that will help access to sensitive files, keeping in check the security of the operating system. Innovation has no end at all!

Latest Innovations

Incoming the impressive features that android 11 is going to provide you with. You’d never want to miss on this latest innovation that only android has come up with, yet.

  • Android 11 software provides you with a hinge sensor that will communicate with the apps to make them behave accordingly. Through this, software development companies will create apps for android foldable devices which will let you experience according to the angle of the hinge.
  • It will provide you 5G API through which developers will identify if the user is connected with 5G New Radio or Non-stand-alone network.
  • Call screening API improvement will allow the call screen apps to be able to report the reason for call rejection. These apps will also check if the incoming/outgoing calls are from/to a saved number.
  • Android emulator camera support will be able to support both rear and front emulated camera devices.
  • Android 11 software will allow each app or game to set a preferred rate, opened in each window.
  • Scoped storage will manage cached files better.
  • It will allow the apps to resume after reboot. It means that they will function normally after reboot.
  • It will have a built-in screen recorder to make screen recording convenient for you.
  • Android 11 software will let you mute a notification while video recording.
  • There has been added a new feature in this android version that will keep you from missed taps and scrolls. As sometimes the touch sensitivity misses some taps due to screen -protector. It will increase touch sensitivity to keep you from that.
  • It has a feature that will trace the Covid-19 suspects and in Android 11 software the Exposure notification API will be automatically turned on.

Smartphones Supporting Android 11 Software

Though Xiaomi and OPPO have confirmed that they will receive Android 11 beta, soon. But at the moment, only Google and the latest OnePlus phones will let you use Android 11 beta. Some of those phones which are currently eligible for Android 11 beta are:

Google Pixel 2 XL

Google Pixel 3a XL

Google Pixel 4

OnePlus 8 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 10

Android 11: Release date Due to Covid-19, the release date of this android has been postponed three times. It has been nearly impossible to launch this version! Nonetheless, everyone wants to lay their hands on this “latest innovation” version of android. The last beta version was launched in August and now it is expected that the stable version will finally be updated in September.

Amazon has made it easy for you to stay up-to-date about any operating system updates. You can check them out on the given links.

Latest software update

Android upgrade

What do you think about the latest Android 11 system? Would you try it out when it finally launches? Let us know your thoughts on the matter!

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