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With the era of the internet, several traditional habits have been replaced by newer and more efficient methods making everyday tasks much more simple. Even though we have an upgraded lifestyle, there are some problems that follow with every new endeavor.

Sticky Situations

When a person is shopping for clothes online they may choose a big box brand having a huge variety and stock of different categories and sizes of clothing. Or, perhaps, they like having more control- thus opting for a custom clothier, to get great style at a bargain of the price. Regardless of the retailer, buying clothes that you have not tried on to check whether they fit you properly or not creates many issues. The main one is that you may get stuck with clothes that don’t even fit you! This article will guide you so that you always get correctly sized clothing online.

Steps To Get The Perfect Fit

To ensure that you always get clothing that fits you online you are going to have to take a few precautionary steps given by this article at Lifehacker.com. This does not mean that you will get the exact fit from the minute your shipment arrives, but you can expect it to fit eventually. It’s better than not fitting at all!

  1. You need proper measurements of your body to get the exact idea of what size would fit you properly before ordering online. Try to get these measurements taken by a professional. If you want to do it on your own check out the steps at this Wikihow article. After you have carefully checked the steps, get a friend to take the measurements for you rather than trying to do it by yourself. It is not very easy to take measurements yourself and you are likely to end up with a size that does not fit you.

  2. Make a list of all the brands and retailers that you have bought from previously and properly catalogue the size you bought from them and how well it fits you. This will help you make sure that the next time you buy from them you know what you are going to order will be correctly sized.

  3. This step is more of an improvisation than a precautionary step. You need to go around and look for a tailor or seamstress in your neighbourhood. Now, this would come in handy if you are buying from a brand for the first time. When you decide on what size you are, order a size bigger than that. This will allow you a cushion- if the size is bigger than what you need, you can take it to the tailor or seamstress and get it fitted exactly according to your body. If their sizes were a little smaller than you thought then you were saved from getting clothing that would be too small for you.

    You’re All Set To Roll

    With all this in your arsenal, you are destined never to get a size of clothing that does not fit you. If you have any more suggestions and recommendations on how to safeguard the online ordering process feel free to tell about it in the comment section below. Meanwhile, here are some brands that provide top-notch clothing online;

    1. All Saints
    2. American Eagle
    3. Anthropologie
    4. ASOS
    5. Boohoo

    What are your experiences using size charts on online websites? How often have you been successful in getting your perfect fit from an online clothing store? Are these issues the same when it comes to buying other accessories, like shoes and glasses? Let’s share our experiences in the comments section below!

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