Tired Of Car Paint Scratches, Fades And Smudges? 5 Car Hacks Everyone Must Know

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Tired Of Car Paint Scratches, Fades And Smudges? 5 Car Hacks Everyone Must Know

Seeing the sunlight bounce off the paint of your car, giving it a glistening and glossy feel, is something car owners love and are too familiar with. But your mood can suddenly be ruined as the light hits that one spot that has that scratch. And there is no ignoring it either.

No matter how hard you try to keep your car spotless, somehow, someday you find a scratch, and it bothers you, understandably. And getting professional help each time can rob you dry of any money that you may be saving. But luckily for you, we have a few hacks that will cover up those nasty scratches and return the shine your car deserves. Even though a temporary solution, they are a must to try:



1. Scratch Removers
As technology advances in every field, customers are given more and more luxury to handle their problems on their own and quickly. The same goes for cars. Brands are going leaps and bounds to make the best paint pens. A good pen can cover up a medium or light scratch for up to two weeks.


2. Toothpaste
Didn't think toothpaste has any more uses to it? Well, guess who is wrong? Toothpaste is slightly abrasive in its nature, and just like it cleans your teeth, it does an excellent job in buffing mild scratches too. The whitening agents polish the paint, and it can even make deeper scratches look less visible.



3. Nail Polish
Getting your paint touched professionally can be very expensive. If it is not matched perfectly, it can look even worse than before. Nail polishes are essentially paint, and because they come in such a variety of colors, you can get one that closely matches your car and cover scratches for a couple of weeks.



4. Multi-Purpose Lubricant
Lubricant is much more helpful than just taking care of squeaks and making hinges and sliding doors move freely. If you apply a good amount of lubricant on the scratched paint surface of your car and rub thoroughly, you will see the scratch fade away. Clean it properly after use.


5. Magic Eraser
These micro-scrubbing technology pads are much more helpful than they get credit for. Get a little water and start rubbing the area where the scratches are on your car's paint. You will be amazed by the good these pads do to your car's paint. Give them a go on your car's rims after to see their bling!


All these DIY hacks are temporary, but if you can manage to do them regularly, no one would be able to tell where the scratches are till you save up for the mechanic. Tell us in the comments below if you have any tips that can help with scratched car paint!

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