The top 5 web stores of 2020

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The top 5 web stores of 2020
There are virtually countless web stores out there today, but a select few have what it takes to be the best and subsequently, some of the most popular shopping outlets online right now. What are some of the best online shopping venues out there today? For this year, 2020, the following five retailers have proven themselves the absolute rulers of the digital sales market.

5. Wish

Based on the premise of getting ridiculously cheap goods directly from Chinese manufacturers, Wish is a very popular webstore right now. Items are unbeatable cheap here, but the catch is that most take a bit more time than usual to receive due to economy shipping methods. If slow shipping is OK with you, then this site is very much worth checking into.

4. Overstock

Overstock is a very popular online retailer that offers price match guarantees and lots of regularly-occurring deal opportunities. There are loads of different kinds of items sold here, and numerous, unique ways to browse them. There are few complaints out there about Overstock except for occasional warranty loopholes in products offered there.

3. Etsy

Founded in 2005, Etsy has risen to be an online retail giant, offering over 60 million different items for sale. The premise of this site is to exclusively offer a platform in which artisans and private makers from all over the world can offer their items for sale and create an online presence for themselves. For anyone looking for unique artisan crafts not found anywhere else, this is the webstore to visit.

2. Ebay

The second biggest webstore for 2020 is Ebay. Ebay has been around for years and, as of this writing, has come to hold an impressive market cap value of $31.5B. Shoppers here can experience the online auction system originally pioneered by the company that acts as an auction as well as an instantaneous buy system in many cases, too.

1. Amazon

At number-one for the year, Amazon is the undisputed king of online retail operations today. From items of all sorts to even online video rental, book rentals, and much more, this company has exploded into a major retail presence across the globe. To give an idea as to the success and popularity of this retailer, as of this writing, Amazon's value is listed at well over $916B, almost three times that of the next biggest competitor, Ebay.

Online commerce is an increasingly utilized shopping method across the globe and will continue to expand greatly. While some have done OK in this realm of digital retail operation, others have absolutely mastered it, reeling in customers with great deals, browsing methods, guarantees, low prices, and other vital tricks of the trade. These five, above-mentioned retailers represent those very best and most successful webstores of 2020 that have mastered the retail game.

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