The Top 5 Perfume Brands for When You’re in A Gift-Giving Mood

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The Top 5 Perfume Brands for When You’re in A Gift-Giving Mood

Fragrances do not make the top of the list when it comes to gift-giving. Mainly because a scent is a very personal thing and may give a message that you did not intend. But this very fact can make them the perfect gift too! If you give someone their favorite scent in a gift, it indeed shows how closely you know them and how valuable they are to you. If you are not very sure about their favorite scent, you can gift them a sample kit.

A sample kit is like two gifts in one. You give the recipient fragrances and a chance to discover a new favorite scent as well. A perfume may even be a perfect gift for someone close to you as it is much more meaningful than a grooming kit or cosmetic items. Here are a few fabulous perfume brands whose scents you can gift to friends and family:


1. Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein is one of the top luxury brands known to all. They have a very successful clothing line, but that does not mean they cut corners on their fragrances. They have unique scents that both men and women love. Try their Secret Obsession perfume; you would not regret it.


2. Nautica
Whenever you think of famous perfume brands, you will find Nautica up in the top few brands. With scents like the Nautica Voyage, this is well deserved. Their scents are known to be very masculine and perfect for day to day, and casual use.


3. Gianni Versace
Gianni Versace is dominating the fashion industry for quite a while now. With their top of the line articles in fashion, they have a fantastic reputation in the industry. With the introduction of their line of fragrances, they have further strengthened it. And with their Vintage Perfumes, they rightfully deserve their position.


MONTBLANC is not exactly a budget brand. The perfumes can get expensive, but they make it worth your money. Their strong masculine scents are almost impossible to ignore. They use extracts of many fruits in their aromas, and despite the sweet note in their fragrances, they feel very masculine.


5. Guess
Guess perfumes are nothing lesser than the quality of their apparel. They have amazing scents for women and are also reasonably priced. They have incredibly pleasing fragrances, and their scents have distinct notes from fruits and flowers. You can gift someone their Eau De Toilette Spray and see how happy it makes them.


How would you feel if someone put their time and effort into choosing a fragrance they think you would like? If you know of any odors that never get a bad reaction, tell us in the comments below!

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