The Top 5 COVID-19 Charities Worldwide

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The Top 5 COVID-19 Charities Worldwide
The world is in very dark times ever since 2020 took a start. The corona virus has its roots submerged under the soil of at least 177 countries, with nearly 3.7 confirmed cases with some 269,000 deaths. It is a predicament that has adversely affected people all over the globe and has caused vital reservoirs; medical aids, revenues, basic life necessities to deplete as the time passes by each day. With the prevailing life-threatening and gruesome situation, we have those who are with a zest to control the appalling pandemic and to help people all across the borders through donations and fund-collecting campaigns. It’s like a ray of hope in the dull, grey sky! Here’s a list of charity organizations working all over the sphere to fight the Covid-19. People suffering from the disease or those who are trying to make ends meet in these times would appreciate some financial aid from you right now!

Covid-19 relief fund

This is organized by GoFundMe, a very popular online charity which is playing an auspicious role during the pandemic. Since now, the fund has raised up to $290,000 to give a helping hand to the affected population around the globe. The donations are rising day by day as more than 35000 campaigns have amassed $120 million worldwide. These facts are stated by the official donating site. We should promote such altruistic moves- it’s the duty of the privileged to lend a hand to the unfortunate!

Neediest cases fund

Moving on, we have this promising ‘neediest cases fund’ which was set up by The New York Times and has gathered up to $300 million since then. It has launched the COVID-19 relief campaign which is primely focusing on catering to the economic privation faced by the countries worldwide. Being an international charity, Neediest cases fund focuses more on being humanitarian, irrespective of caste or creed.

Relief International:

The 85% of the donated money collected by the Relief International goes to its Covid-19 ‘help during the pandemic’ program. The large sums of charity money are widely consumed in 16 affected countries throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East where it is used to buy the equipment necessary for the prevention and cure of the coronavirus. From a practical point of view, this charitable organization has an amazing strategy to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Heart to heart international

Medical health centers and hospitals all over the globe are overcrowded with coronavirus patients as new cases pour every next minute. Heart to heart international is a platform that provides the necessary precautionary equipment to those in need so that the community stays safe and stays at home! This releases some pressure on medical centers indeed. Better be safe than sorry!

International medical corps

These efficient forces are working in more than 30 countries. International medical corps are like COVID-19 precaution police, given that they provide training, equipment, disease surveillance programs while working with national and international level health officials. Awareness is vital to combat COVID-19, and the way this charity handles the job is phenomenal.

Fighting the spread of COVID-19 is a vigorous task and indeed requires all the possible munificent efforts to tackle the situation wisely. So, buckle up and help the world cope with this life-threatening virus. Save lives by donating to the unfortunate today!

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