The COVID-19 Tracking Tool: Updates From Apple, Android, And Google

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The COVID-19 Tracking Tool: Updates From Apple, Android, And Google
COVID-19 has been the ultimate challenge for us, and we must solve this problem united. Although the virus seems to have calmed down, it has spread a wave of uncertainty among the people. There is still no authentic way to research the death toll, recoveries, and total cases caused by the virus as no one can effectively keep track of it. With this kind of confusion, no one knows whether it has become safer or worse. Most students are hoping for an answer that will decide whether they attend a school or not. Many schools have opened in the US, and parents have had mixed opinions regarding the measure. Corona cases are spreading among children like a wildfire causing a threat to them and their elders.

The Digital Masterminds Of 2020

Being from the digital era, we tackle everything with technology. Apple, Android, and Google have partnered up for a good cause during this horrifying period that has taken about 809 thousand lives as we speak. The franchises aim on providing the community with an effortless way to prevent the spread of the deadly pathogen. Just read on below!

The Contact tracing app

Good news for all those eager to learn if it is safe near them or with their loved ones! The contact tracing app can search the area around you for active COVID cases. This is not a new app, though. Apple, Android, and Google have made enhanced this feature to make it flawless. Unfortunately, there are many contact tracing app scams on the play store as well. Fear no more! Only the apps approved by google and apple will be available on the AppStore to ensure its legitimacy. Not only that, but public prevention authorities are also working on a way to ensure consumer privacy as this app would work best when more people download it. It also helps disease investigators study dangerous situations that could potentially spread a virus.

Bluetooth-Based Tracing

They are working on a broader Bluetooth based tracing system that could search Corona cases at a larger radius. So, this system will warn people about where to travel and where not to. Not only would a larger radius be a better alert, but it would also ease human interaction if people decide to do so. Everyone at Apple, Google, and Android is setting their differences aside and working together as one because “there has never been a more important moment to work together to solve one of the world’s most pressing problems”.

The Power Of Unity

With close co-operation, the government and public health providers are harnessing the power of technology to help countries around the world. This information is being spread all around through the help of multiple news and marketing companies such as BBC news.

What do you think of the contact tracing app? Would you be an active user of the app when it is finalized? Let’s hear your opinions in the comments below!

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