The Best Website Builders In 2020 For Freelancers

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The Best Website Builders In 2020 For Freelancers
Nowadays you can easily publish essays, articles, and stories online and hassle-free without the need to legally create your own websites. Well, that’s good news for people who want to make money in the comfort of their own homes. Who wants to go around selling books on the streets, spending large sums of money to publish their work on newspapers or other people's websites? Nowadays you have apps or online sites where you can put up your work for free! In a recent Forbes article, it has been reported that the USA has been ranked as no.1 country with the highest of freelance earnings. There’s a whopping 78% growth in the industry!

Freelancing Platforms

There are 11 million people using apps like Fiverr, Upwork, and so on. These sites let people buy artwork, 3D logos, and even website content at different prices. The sellers add onto their portfolios and wallets while the buyers use content completely copyright free, may it be for a company or personal use. Why waste your talent when you can monetize your skills for a good amount of cash. Your funds can be transferred straight to your bank account or Paypal, and oh! Don’t forget the tips that are left for all those who make their work spot on.


Amazon has started to encourage new writers to publish their books or novels on their site. This means that you can publish your book on amazon and sell it for as low as 1$ or as high as thousands of dollars. Amazon’s features also allow online biddings for the author’s benefit. If you are a newbie in the freelancing world, then you can publish some of your work for free too. It’s an easy way to get critique in the form of reviews from the reader! This makes room for improvements and furthers your resume as a writer. It has been estimated that there have been 3.4 million books published on Amazon, so don’t miss the chance to read them in your free time.

28 Summers Elin - HilderbrandElin Hilderbrand

The Summer House - James Patterson, Brendan DuBois

Party of Two - Jasmine Guillory

Freelancing means that you are in control of your own contracts. You don’t have to deal with a boss or agency and there is no ranking system. All you need is hard work to rank your online profile! Freelancing platforms help skillful people display their talent to a group of buyers with a vast range of demands. These sites are the best for customers as well, it helps people find someone suitable for a particular area of work and hire them for a full-time job.

What do you think about freelance platforms? Is freelancing a profitable industry, one that you would like to try out? Let us know in the comments below!

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