The Best Reviewed Sneakers on the Internet

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The Best Reviewed Sneakers on the Internet
Sneakers started off as athletic footwear especially in the area of basketball and running. These shoes proved to be extremely comfortable and the users slowly started using the shoes with their casual outfits. Today sneakers have become a fashion statement and can be priced very high depending upon the brand and its endorsement. Some of the best sneakers available in the market are discussed below based upon how much the users loved them on Run Repeat.

Nike Air force 1 low

These sneakers have been in the market for over three decades and are still amongst the favourite ones for basketball fans. Fans claim that it still feels effortless to wear while playing on the court. Some of the fans even went forward to say that the low cut version of Nike Air force 1 could be worn for the whole day with ease due to the comfort it provides. It comes in a variety of colours and has a very classic feel to it that people love. The durability of the shoe is unbeatable. Onlookers claim that the price of the shoe is more than reasonable considering the superb athletic ability and immense popularity of the shoe.

Nike Air Max 270

Nike released this sneaker as one of its more athletic versions and was aimed to overthrow even the Air force 1 low. The shoe is exceptionally lightweight and it is known to be very durable. There are several comments claiming that the shoe has a very good feel to the foot. Some fans loved it enough to say that they were ordering it in different colours as well. It is an eye-catching shoe, indeed! Surely bound to get the wearer tons of compliments. However, the Nike Air Max 270 has a higher price point... a small fraction argues that it’s not worth the price. It has a narrow mouth that seems to bother such customers.

Balenciaga Speed trainer

The Balenciaga Speed Trainer is a proud favourite of many sneaker fans because of its minimalist, modern silhouette which includes its clean-cut and sleek upper and its fuss-free designed sole. It is one of the most stylish and reasonable shoes made by Balenciaga. People claim that its memory foam gives superior cushioning and adapts very well to footwear comfort. However, some customers seem to complain that the shoe’s price and the limit of the stock do not allow for everyone to be able to buy a pair. People have also been noted to say that the shoe has very few colour options to choose from which is a feature people miss.

There is a multitude of sneakers out there and each one has its own fan base depending upon the price point and functionality of the shoe. Are you a shoe enthusiast? We would love to hear your take on these sporty shoes. Have you had any rotten experience with the best of brands, such as Adidas, Nike, or Under Armour? Tell us about your favourite sneakers in the comment section below!

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