How to keep the children entertained at home during winter chill spells 

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How to keep the children entertained at home during winter chill spells 
Winters are the most peaceful time of the year, given that you don’t have frustrated children cooped up inside. It might get a little difficult to keep your little ones busy while you’re relaxing, enjoying quiet, chilly afternoons. Well, worry no more! We have the solution to your winter worries with fun activities that would keep your children occupied.

Scavenger Hunt

If there is one activity that children like the most to do, it is turning the house upside down just because they are bored. It’s hard to tolerate a messy house all winter, when all one wants to do is crawl up under a blanket. You can channel their restlessness positively by giving it a purpose! Try to have them rummage through the entire house with a scavenger hunt. This will keep them occupied for a long time while you have your alone-time. For this, you can easily order your cardstock and write interesting clues and instructions you have planned on it.

By carefully planning out the scavenger hunt you don’t risk having the youngsters create a mess. They’ll have fun and stay healthy with some exercise!

Scavenger Hunt Game


Bingo isn’t a game meant for the elderly only, unlike the modern media often portrays. Bingo brings more excitement and fun to the entire household. It’s a fun, interactive game that even kids enjoy!

You can buy a winter themed bingo and get everyone testing their luck out. This game will unleash both the excited and reserved sides of your children with every box that gets crossed. You could reward the winner with a gift as well. This would heat up the competition!

Once the kids get a hang of the game, you’ll find them playing non-stop. You can go about your daily routine without a hitch in the tracks. What are you waiting for?

Family Bingo Game Sets

Minute-to-win-it games

These challenging minute-to-win-it games are forever favorites. So, why not make it part of the winter season? Many researchers claim that timed physical games increase the cognitive functions of your brain. Children, who are at tender developing ages can benefit the most from these activities. There is an array of minute-to-win-it games to choose from. The best part? you’ll never run out of them.

Fun games and activities for the entire household

Charades for Kids

Charades is a wholesome game that engages the auditory and visual senses. Furthermore, by buying a charades game pack, you are prompting your children to gain more general knowledge themselves! The competition compels them to be as knowledgeable as they can get.

You’ll have fun guessing and acting out in the game as much as your children. What better way to bond with the little ones than this? Here’s the answer: None at all!

Charades for Kids: The Family Game

These activities will not only keep your children engaged but also give you the best time with the young ones during winter. We are sure you will love them! You can share your experiences and more in the comments below!

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Thoughtful Valentine’s day gifts that make bonds last forever

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Thoughtful Valentine’s day gifts that make bonds last forever

Thoughtful Valentine’s day gifts that make bonds last forever

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, everyone’s focused on coming up with the most meaningful gift for their loved ones. That’s where the tricky part comes in; making the best purchase from a plethora of options. Well, look no further! We bring to you some amazingly affordable gift ideas. These products are not only light on the pocket but also make an absolutely wholesome gift.

Jar of handwritten capsules

Handwritten notes will never run out of style and will always remain the utmost symbol of love and care. Have you ever had a partner complain that you have a hard time expressing yourself? You can now let out all your sentiments! Giving your better half capsule jars with handwritten notes is absolutely wholesome while still being pocket friendly.

Valentine’s day Bottle Capsule Letter Jar

Customized keychains

Everyone carries their keychains everywhere. If you want your partner to keep your love close by at all times, a customized keychain is a perfect, affordable, yet thoughtful gift. Having said that, Valentine’s isn’t only about having a partner, It’s an event to celebrate the love in your heart, may it be for yourself, your friends, or family. Take the hint and gift yourself a customized keychain this Valentine’s!

Customized keychain

Personalized mugs

Be it birthdays, anniversaries, or a special occasion such as Valentine’s day, personalized gifts-and mugs in particular-never run out of fashion. Let us help you paint a picture: You get up earlier than your loved one, make a steaming cup of delicious hot chocolate in a mug that openly declares your love! Breakfast in bed on Valentine’s day can’t get any better than this. Order your customized mug from here.

Customized mugs for Valentine’s day


Some cute couples often write journals to capture their love for each other. You can add your pictures, poems, and other souvenirs from the journey. A high-quality journal not only makes a cute gift but will also help in Catharsis. What’s more, you can look back on your life whenever you feel like it! Get your personalized journal here.

High-quality journals

Bath oils

Who doesn’t like skincare and bathing essentials? It is an entirely different feeling when it is a Valentine’s gift. You’re signifying that you care and want your better half to feel refreshed after a rejuvenating bath with great scents. Bath oils can also help set a Valentine’s day mood-don’t miss out on this chance. We needn’t say more- gifting bath oil sets would make a perfect present!

High-quality bath oil

Photo frame

If you and your partner live together, your sweet home should speak for itself. Researchers claim that having a beautiful memory in plain sight can release stress and even calm you down during an unfortunate kerfuffle. Getting a photo frame is both aesthetically appropriate for the house, symbolic, and useful! Now all you need to do is find the perfect picture for your classy photo frame.

Classy photo frames

Gaming subscription

Still can’t think of anything to get for your gamer girlfriend/boyfriend? Well, a gaming subscription is an amazing, thoughtful idea, bound to excite even the least expressive of them. You can get a XBOX game pass or PlayStation and see how thrilled they will be at the sight of it. Whatever makes ‘em happy, right?

PlayStation plus

Don’t forget to tell us how you responded to these gifts in the comments section below!

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Important things to know about the new iPhone 12

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Important things to know about the new iPhone 12
Since Apple announced the emergence of iPhone 12, many people cannot wait to lay their hands on the phone. Apple has a knack for creating top-notch tech machines, and the features iPhone 12 comes with is mind-blowing.

It is rumored that the iPhone 12 will come with three variants just like the iPhone 11: iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max.

Expected upgrades

The iPhone 12 is undoubtedly coming with the 5G network. And with this new age, other phones are expected to follow suit. In addition, rumor has it that the iPhone 12 would have the LiDAR scanner similar to what the iPad Pro 2020 comes with.

Apple is expected to roll out fresh screen sizes within the range of 5.4 inches- 6.7 inches. And iPhone lovers would be glad to hear that there is a notable increase in power which positively affects the battery life.

Release date

Some sources have predicted the release date of the iPhone 12 to be in October. Apparently, the pandemic restricted the conventional Apple work schedule. Apple announced sometimes back that it would be out on sale later than usual.

Jon Prosser who is notable for dropping hot takes on Apple-related news, tweeted on 12th August about some adjusted Apple dates. According to the information he revealed, the speculated scheduled date for the iPhone 12 event is w/c October 12. While shipping commences the next week.

If his speculations are anything to go by, he predicted September 7th as the release date for Apple Watch and iPad. Eventually, the release came a week later. With this, we are looking at either October 12 or the following week.

Expected cost of the iPhone 12

Looking at reports, the cost of the iPhone 12 is more lucid than the release date. The cost is likely to remain within the iPhone 11 range or slightly above. Based on speculations, the range is an all-inclusive one which is between $549- $1399 for all iPhone 12 variants.

Some sources have claimed that the phones would not be expensive because Apple is cutting cost every possible way. From what we gathered, the iPhone 12 might not come with a charging plug and ear-bud. So, if the price is expected to increase slightly or not.

Expected iPhone 12 design

From all indications, the iPhone 12 design would be quite drastic and different from the conventional iPhones design. Some reports have predicted an infusion of iPhone4 and iPhone 5 designs with some features of the iPad Pro 2020.

A trusted analyst, Ming-chi Kuo mentioned that the iPhone 12 will come with a metal frame which is flatter than the iPhone 11 variants. The rear of the iPhone 12 should be made with glass, and the edges would be squared instead of rounded in the current iPhone models.

Final thoughts

There are many news speculations on the incoming iPhone 12, and based on reports, the most exciting expected feature is the 5G connectivity. It would set the pace for other phone brands to emulate and this is a big change in technology.

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Switch to these hair revitalizing shampoos after chemical dye treatments

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Switch to these hair revitalizing shampoos after chemical dye treatments
We all dye our hair at some point to make them more attractive. However, some people find their hair to start breaking soon after! If you are facing severe hair loss, you may need to switch your shampoo. Especially if you dye your hair regularly. Although hair dyes change your look and help you feel beautiful, the chemical in it can make your hair dry and rough. All you need to do is to take special care of them and make them worth staring at!

Why is hair care essential?

To ensure your hair longevity and volume, hair care is essential. Doing so can help you to combat any hair problem. A clean hair scalp promotes hair growth and improves volume. Taking care of hair is as important as any other part of the body. And it all can be done by a revitalizing shampoo.

How to take care of your chemically dyed hair

Hair is the most indispensable thing that enhances your personality and dyeing them can completely change your look. Unfortunately, once dyed you may be facing some serious issues regarding your hair due to the chemicals in the dye. We bring you some quick and easy facts on how to buy and use your hair revitalizing shampoo.

Hair revitalizing shampoos

Firstly, you shall use a shampoo that is meant for chemically dyed hair. Chemically dyed hair needs extra care and attention. These hair revitalizing shampoos are specially designed to repair damaged and dry hair.

What is hair revitalizing shampoo?

The formula of hair revitalizing shampoo provides optimal nutrition to the hair and cleanses your scalp. It is vital to nurture and rebuild the strength of your dry hair. It is of supreme importance to make your hair healthy, active, and strong again!

Features of a hair revitalizing shampoo:

  • A revitalizing shampoo controls the cholesterol that is prompted by dihydroxytesterone.
  • It is of primary importance when it comes to preventing your hair from abrasion and scratches.
  • It is vital to clean the scalp from the oily and waxy substance from hair glands, also known as sebum
  • It leaves the scalp moist and healthy.

Treatment for dry hair

Scientifically formulated revitalizing shampoo

Tips to buy a shampoo:

As buying the shampoo is the first step, you need to avoid shampoos containing such ingredients:

  • Surfactants such as sodium Laureth sulfate and ammonium sulfates can cause damage to your hair.
  • Shampoos containing Parabens are said to cause breast cancer as they work like the hormone estrogen.
  • Avoid formaldehyde containing shampoo because it is known as carcinogenic.
  • If the shampoo contains alcohol, it can make your hair dry.

Our top picks of bespoke hair revitalizing shampoos that can fulfill your desire to get exceptional looking hair are;


This shampoo is for all hair types, and it protects your hair from being extra dry. It absolutely repairs your hair by its protein-based formula made by specialists.

L’Oreal protein shampoo

Tricomax revitalizing shampoo:

This shampoo gently cleans the scalps to give your hair an oil-free look. It contains a special bioactive nutrient that moisturizes your hair and nourishes them.

TricoMax revitalizing shampoo

We all love our hair and want to flaunt it. Was this article useful? Comment below and let us know!

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These 5 Tech Clearance Sales have us All Astonished

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These 5 Tech Clearance Sales have us All Astonished
As a Generation X kid, a Millennial, or even as a Baby boomer you can’t function in this technology-enhanced world without a few gadgets. The world is developing at an exponential rate. It’s pretty clear that in order to keep up with this dynamic world we have to stock up on gadgets. With the whole world observing quarantine, tech products have risen to more popularity. To pull through these troubling times, we urge you to use technology to your advantage.

If you’re someone who is tech-savvy and has a habit of collecting tech gadgets, you’ve hit the jackpot! It has become easier to get your hands on products online and live out your hobbies easily. That’s not it- there is no need to break your banks either! We have listed below the top 5 tech clearance sales to help you out.

Compusa offers the most amazing sales in the market. The products are ranked according to their “Deal Scores” that tells you how good a deal is by comparing the sale price to the projected price. This helps you get the best deal possible and there is an added bonus of free shipping on some of the products.

Here are the best deals they’ve got!

LG 70'' Class 4K UHD Smart LED HDR TV $579.99

HiSense 55" H9G 4K 120Hz VA panel Android TV LED TV $649.99

  1. Amazon

We’re not certain of the exact date for Prime Day. For now, you can shop at Amazon’s Big Summer Sale Event. They offer some of the best tech clearance sales out there!

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System $199

Powerbeats High-Performance Wireless Earphones - Apple $129.95

  1. Walmart

Look no further than Walmart for the most easily accessible tech sale deals. Your favorite local retail store has everything you need. We’ve filtered down 2 of the best clearance sales in Walmart for your ease. Hurry up to buy them before they go out of stock!

Google Home Mini - Chalk, 2-Pack $39.99

ELEMENT 70" Class 4K UHD LED Roku Smart TV HDR $499.99

  1. Best Buy
Cinemas and theatres are closed this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a cinematic experience at home. The latest tech clearance sales and the hottest deals for audio products are at best buy. You won’t get better prices anywhere else.

LG’s 2.1-Channel Soundbar System $149.99

Samsung HW-Q60T 5.1ch Soundbar with 3D Surround Sound and Acoustic Beam $399.99

  1. Tech Bargains
Save upto 50% at Tech Bargains on electronics. Witness the best tech clearance sales in the USA here. The best deals are updated regularly and special discounts are given to students. So get the best laptops at the best price for your online classes here.

New Apple MacBook Pro $2149.00

Microsoft - Surface Laptop 3 - 13.5" Touch-Screen $750.99

These deals are indeed tempting. What do you think? Let us know which deal spoke to you the most!

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