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Need New Tires? – Four Common Types of Car Tire Treads and where they Work Best

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Need New Tires? – Four Common Types of Car Tire Treads and where they Work Best

Maintaining cars is tricky business. Not only are they a big hassle when something breaks down, even something as simple as changing a car tire has a long list of specifics with it. Not all tires will fit your car, and who in the world knows what those numbers with slashes on the side of your car mean.


Well, they are not so tricky once you get to know them. The numbers represent the tire width/sidewall height and inner diameter of the tire. But that is not all. Based on the terrain you live in, you may need off-road or highway-tread tires. Do not worry, in this article, we will explain all the types of tires and recommend you the best one for each class!



1. All-Terrain Tires
These tires, as their name suggests, provide mediocre performance over all terrains. You can use them in winters, on the highway, and even in the snow if you want to be a little daring. However, these tires are not the most comfortable when it comes to driving. Highway-terrain is better on the streets while off-road tires beat them at off-roading. One of the best all-terrain tires in the market is made by BF Goodrich.



2. Winter Tires
These tires will give you excellent grip in snowy and icy conditions. But as soon as the temperature gets warmer, the performance of these tries deteriorates significantly. You can see a massive loss in braking distance, and they will even slip. They are less noisier than all-terrain tires. Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 tires are the best in this class.

 gallery pilot alpin 5 3



3. Mud-Terrain Tires
Mud-terrain tires have a lot of space between the treads of the tire. These tires benefit you greatly in off-road situations and grip branches, broken rocks, and many other obstacles. On-road, they may not be as effective. As the name suggests, these tires perform much better than others on mud. Mickey Thompson’s Baja MTZ’s are your go-to tires for dirt!



4. Highway-Terrain
These tires are made for cars that are supposed to run in the city. These treads are made for high fuel efficiency and long highway drives. These tires make the slightest noise on the road but are very inefficient when the terrain becomes harder. These tires also have a variant known as all-seasons. You want to look for the Michelin LTX AT2 in this category.



Now that you know, you can choose the right tire for your car, knowing that your drive will be better than ever. Did the information in the article help you? Tell us in the comments below, and tell us if we missed something too!

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What are The Cheapest Travel Destinations and Reasons Why You Should Visit Them

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What are The Cheapest Travel Destinations and Reasons Why You Should Visit Them

Everyone has that dream to vacation somewhere they have never been before. Sitting on beaches and sipping on Pina Coladas in a coconut, hiking, or having a birds-eye view of a scenic island from a helicopter. But traveling is hard on the wallet, especially with the current situation of fuel and the economy. But what you may not know is that you can travel on a budget too! Here are some fantastic travel destinations that will be easy on your wallet:


1. Thailand
Due to its idyllic islands, rich culture, and plenty of beach huts, Thailand is very popular amongst backpackers. The cuisine over there is absolutely irresistible, and you can have many adventures there. And it all is available at a staggeringly low price.



2. South Africa
If you want a safari experience without budget implications that can break your back, you need to pay a visit to South Africa. You can see the white rhino at Hluhluwe-Imoflozi and do not forget to visit Cape Town. You can have the trip of a lifetime at an astonishingly low price!



3. Vietnam
The sublime countryside, limestone karsts of the north, the waterways and paddy fields of the Mekong Delta makes Vietnam a pleasure to visit. The cuisine is so affordable that you can have a full meal at any pho stall in the country just for a couple of dollars.



4. Uruguay
If you have already visited Brazil and Argentina and are looking for even better value, just move a little towards neighboring Uruguay. There is terrific steak, and there are numerous lovely beaches in the country. The abundant wildlife and the gorgeous capital Montevideo will have you taken aback!



5. Cuba
The relations between the US and Cuba are warming up, and before the prices start to go up even more, you really need to pay it a visit. You will be utterly intoxicated by the warm Caribbean beach and the salsa clubs of Havana!




6. Prague
This is located in the Czech Republic. Even though it is firmly on the tourist trail, it is still one of the cheapest capitals of Europe to visit! In the beautiful city full of history, you can easily enjoy a hearty meal and wash it down with a decent local beer in just a few Czech Crowns.



Have you ever tried traveling on a budget? What was it like? Tell us in the comments below! Traveling is food for the soul. Sometimes, traveling on a budget can be more worthwhile than going to a costly location!

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Paint Spraying Tools Versus Professional Painters- Whom To Trust?

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Paint Spraying Tools Versus Professional Painters- Whom To Trust?

Does your house need new paintwork? It can be very tempting to get into your working clothes and get to the job yourself. All these paint commercials literally paint a picture too bright for their customers. Imagine doing the paint work in your house yourself.


You always picture a happy couple giggling and laughing and applying flawless coats of paint throughout the house in vibrant colors. You do not see the coughing, the sweat, and the multiple days that go into painting your house by yourself! And professional paint spraying equipment is not cheap either. Even if you get it on rent, it can easily cost you $400-600 per week. And if you choose to buy a sprayer, here are some top quality spraying tools for your use:


1. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer
This is an excellent option for personal use at home. It has a very easy-to-understand instruction manual that you can easily decipher, so you do not miss any crucial steps in your painting process. It has adjustable pressure, giving you complete control over the paint.

GRACO 262800 Airless Paint Sprayer,1/2 HP,0.27 gpm



2. TECCPO Paint Sprayer 100DIN-s
This is a handy and durable paint sprayer. It has been tested with a drop of 1.5m with a full tank, and it survived with no damage at all. This is more powerful than your average paint sprayer and will give you a smoother finish than most.




3. Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer
This is the right tool at a very suitable price and will make any home-based paint task a lot easier. This has a range of speeds and would give you a perfectly smooth finish every time, as it does not thin the paint using air. You would need fewer coats to finish the project this way!




4. HomeRight 2412331 Quick Finish Paint Sprayer
This one is made to make your smaller tasks much more straightforward and manageable. You can easily use it to paint furniture and a small part of the fence or paint the accents of the walls at your home; you will find that it is up to the task.




Professional painters are no saints either; in fact, they will set you back way more than just getting a professional sprayer or renting one. So it all boils down to how much time you have on you. If you can take out one week's worth of time from your routine, and give it all to your house, then go for a DIY painting job. Still, if you value your time too much and cannot spare it at all, a professional job might be the answer. What do you think is better now, a professional job or a DIY job? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below

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Check Out These Amazing Summertime Clearance Sales On Apparel And More!

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Check Out These Amazing Summertime Clearance Sales On Apparel And More!

Some of the biggest brands in the market throw semi-annual sales. When a brand launches sales only two times a year, you best believe that the deal will be worth your time. The two times of the year when semi-annual sales start is when the summer and winter seasons are half gone.


At this point, retailers have to clear their inventory and make room for newer items in their stock. Learning how these sales work can give you an excellent bang for your buck, especially if you catch them early. You will have a wide variety of clothes to choose from, and you will save a lot on your favorite apparel. We took the opportunity and picked a few eye-catching and economical items on sale for you. Check them out!


1. FRED Perry Contrast Trim Track Jacket
Bloomingdales is featuring an end-of-season sale that will blow you away. They have deals on all sorts of apparel items, from kid's clothing to jewelry. This funnel neck jacket features a zipper and long sleeves with contrast cuffs. It looks both elegant and modern, and you can wear it anywhere!


Fred Perry - Contrast Trim Track Jacket



2. Armani Exchange Men's Milano Graphic T-Shirt
Armani is amongst the most top-tier brands, and a sale at Armani is one that you should not miss. This casual Milano t-shirt will complement your laid-back look perfectly, and it looks fabulous with the New York logo printed on the front. It is a crewneck and made of cotton.



3. Adidas Wrapped 3-Stripe Zipper Hoodie
This hoodie is made with recycled content as a part of the ambition of Adidas to end plastic waste. This hoodie is perfect for giving you that casual comfort as you start your day. You can even wear it all day long, it is ideal to go anywhere in, and it is almost 50% off right now!




4. Baby Hooded Bunting
Not only is Nordstrom having their summer clearance sale but also their anniversary sale! You would not believe the discounts that are going on for their already affordable attire. This plush bunting looks so cute with small round ears on its hood! It even has fold-over hand mitts and a snap-up front, so it is easy and quick to put on!



If you wear the popular sizes in the market, chances are that the later you go for the sale, the lesser your options will be. But if you hit a sale when the stock is almost out, there is a chance that you will get a much bigger bargain than the ones who went early. Did you like the items and brands we listed in this article? Tell us in the comments below.

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Amazing Deals on High-Quality Apparel from High-Quality Brands

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Amazing Deals on High-Quality Apparel from High-Quality Brands

One of the biggest industries on the face of the planet is the apparel industry. It takes an enormous amount of revenue out of the pockets of consumers every year. But as of recent, apparel is not as simple as it used to be. Foot traffic has decreased, and companies have had to take more innovative approaches to sell their goods.


In this turn of events, we see many companies thriving by taking new and risky ventures. In contrast, others seem to be closing stores and laying off employees. This recent change in statistics can lead to customers being confused about what apparel is the best in the market. So we compiled a list of apparel items from high-quality brands that you can look into.


1. Under Armour – Men's Virgin Galactic RUSH™ Short Sleeve
If you are into fitness, Under Armour is your best bet when it comes to apparel. This shirt absorbs and reflects back the energy you emit to improve your endurance and has mesh panels for strategic ventilation. It prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes too.

 Men's UA + Virgin Galactic RUSH™ Short Sleeve, Blue, pdpMainDesktop image number 4


2. Coach – Trench Dress
Coach is a luxury fashion house that never ceases to provide quality. This safari-inspired luxury trench dress is an example of just that. It has a cotton blend design that you can wear as a longline vest or a dress. The relaxed-fit silhouette is complimented by spacious pockets and an adjustable belt.


3. Gap – Slub Dolman Ribbed T-Shirt
Gap is the perfect middle ground if you are looking for affordability and quality. This slub dolman t-shirt is great to wear with a pair of jeans and is both comfortable and attractive to look at. It is a hot selling item that is currently on a massive discount too!

 Image number 6 showing, Slub Dolman Ribbed T-Shirt


4. Ralph Lauren – Custom-Fit Regent Poplin Shirt
This brand has become a staple in American apparel because of its consistency and the brand sticking to its core aesthetic. This poplin shirt is a perfect example of how the brand has adapted with time. The material is as premium as ever, and there is no comparison to its class. Get it while it is still on a 50% sale!


5. Nike – Air Max Genome
Nike is wildly successful sports clothes brand. Their top-notch apparel is the very reason for their success. This pair of high-end, comfortable sports shoes will do you a lot of good in your training sessions. Their summer sale is in progress, and you can get these for 37% off!

 Nike Air Max Genome Men's Shoes


Good quality apparel clearly sets itself aside from cheaper brands. Even though some cheaper brands claim premium quality, only regular users of top-end brands know that the money they are paying is worth what they are buying. Tell us in the comments below which brand is your favorite and why?

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