10 Things You Must Know Before Becoming a Cat Parent

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10 Things You Must Know Before Becoming a Cat Parent

Cats are one of the best pets you can get for your homes. Unlike dogs, cats are not high maintenance; neither do they make as much noise. Friendly cats love to curl up next to you or in your lap, making you feel loved and help you relax after a long day. But still, there are a couple of things that you absolutely need to know before you get a cat.


1. It is a lifetime commitment
You have to know for sure if you want a cat because a cat is dependent on you. A cat can live up to 20 years and before you get a cat, know that it is a lifetime commitment.

2. Do not cut their claws
Their claws are their first line of defense for a cat, and cutting them is painful for them. Instead, you could just trim them using this nail trimmer.

3. Get a scratching post
Cats need to scratch their paws to keep them healthy. Unless you want it to ruin your carpet, get a tall scratching post and sprinkle some catnip on it to encourage the cat to use it.

4. Keep a room for your cat
Just like us, cats love their privacy. Designate in room in your house for you cat so it can relax there.


5. A litter box is important
Your cat needs it to do its business, and it needs to be kept at one spot and not moved. Get easy to clean the litter box as you will have to clean it out regularly.

6. Set up a feeding schedule
Choose a good quality cat food and make a schedule for feeding your cat, so they get accustomed to that time and know when they will be fed.

7. Groom your cat regularly
Get a good brush for your cat and brush off the excess hair. This will help you reduce the number of hairballs your cat coughs.

8. Keep your cat indoors
Cats should be kept inside as they can be attacked by other, larger animals or contract parasites and diseases from the outside.



9. Go to the vet routinely
The best way to catch problems before they become a crisis is to go to a vet routinely. This is the best way to keep your cat healthy.


Having a cat will be a fulfilling experience. They are known to be sassy creatures, but they have their own charm around the home. If you are looking to adopt one or already have one, share your thoughts in the comments below!

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