Support these Ethically Made, Sustainable Fashion Brands as an Online Shopper

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Support these Ethically Made, Sustainable Fashion Brands as an Online Shopper

Consumers today have become increasingly conscious about the purchases they make, and it is all for the better. Through purchases, people voice their objections and can empower brands that care for human life. Today countless fashion brands are dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices in business. Here are a few brands that are making tremendous efforts in forwarding this cause:


1. Patagonia
This is one of the earliest brands to indulge in the fashion industry's ethical production of active wear. They are also one of the first brands to adopt recycled materials and organic cotton in their products.



2. Pact
The brand has two main obsessions: making super soft clothes and making the world a better place! The brand is exceptionally socially conscious. They go to lengths to ensure their entire process is clean and responsible, from growing and harvesting cotton to the final sewing!

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This is one of the leaders in the industry towards ethical production. One of their central beliefs is that the existence of injustices in the fashion industry is all the more reason to rebel against those practices. They make sure their entire supply chain receives the wages they deserve!

 Organic Cotton French Terry Hooded Jacket



4. Sézane
The brand started off to cut out the middle man and bring the product directly to the consumer. They focus on responsible production that involves as little waste as possible, very close to zero! Even though they are a bit pricey, they are worth every penny!




The ideology of ABLE is that they want to play their role in ending poverty. They believe poverty will end when economic opportunities for people are generated, especially for women. And that is what they are doing with their business model.

 The Merly Jacket



6. Boden
This brand took 30 years to take the UK by storm, and now it has gone global. The brand is determined to uphold responsible sourcing, fair-trade, and ethical practices across all 15 countries they operate in. they make sure to choose eco-friendly options at every part of their chain!

 Farley Merino Knitted Jacket



Each one of these companies has made it their mission to work ethically and transparently. They consider both human lives and the planet's health when it comes to producing their goods. What are your thoughts on ethical fashion brands? Tell us in the comments below!

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