Some Amazing Deals on Laptops in July- Get Yours While They Last

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Some Amazing Deals on Laptops in July- Get Yours While They Last

Today, a laptop is an integral item for anyone pursuing education or a promising career. Laptops give people the freedom to work anywhere. You can tend to your assignments and office work wherever you are and at any time.


All this information is certainly not new to you, and you may know that there are countless laptops available in any price range that suits you. But the right laptop for you depends on your needs. Each type of work that you require the computer for has different hardware requirements; for gaming you need graphics, for programming you need a strong processor, and so on. But researching which laptop is best for what tasks is not everyone’s A-game, so we have done that for you.


1. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 514 – Best Budget
If you are looking for a laptop with the best bang for the buck, you cannot go wrong with the Lenovo IdeaPad 514. It is powered by the AMD Ryzen processor making it a beast when it comes to performance. It comes with a touchscreen and a very durable body. Now for just $460, you are not going to get a better deal than this.



2. Dell G5 15 – For Gaming
This is a laptop that costs way lesser than its competitors but asks for minimal compromises. It has a 60Hz screen, and the AMD Ryzen 7 processor can easily max out any game to 60fps whenever you need it. It has all the ports you may need on a modern laptop that some of the highest-priced machines do not.


3. Dell XPS 15 – Best For Programming
This is quite probably the best laptop that you can get for programming right now. If you have ever bought an XPS laptop in the past, you would certainly appreciate the effort and love gone into designing the XPS15. The build quality is nothing lesser than premium, and the specs put even some of the most expensive machines to shame.



4. HP ZBook Studio G5 – The Architecture Machine
The HP ZBook series has been the pinnacle of mobile workstations for quite a while now. HP ZBooks are known to be the most powerful workstations for their size in the entire market. The G5 is a beast for rendering thanks to the Core i9 processor and NVIDIA Quadro RTX Graphics card. There is nothing this rendering monster cannot handle.


Having a laptop not suited for what you bought it for can be very frustrating. Also, they are not cheap gadgets that you can just change on a whim. Have you ever had an experience where your laptop just would not function as you wanted it to? Tell us in the comments below.

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