Smart Mall Scavenger Hunting For The 4th Of July

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Smart Mall Scavenger Hunting For The 4th Of July
A sale season gets all the shoppers on their knees, getting set, and ready to run before the stock finishes. However, if you’re not careful with your decisions, you might end up buying products you never really needed. Or, once you’ve spent your entire budget, you may come across a deal that you’ll regret not availing. To avoid such circumstances it is best if you come up with a list of products you want to buy on the 4th of July sales. Think of it being a scavenger hunt, for instance. You’ll be going mall scavenger hunting for the 4th of July! What are some products that are the most valuable to have yet had ridiculous prices all throughout the year?

Sales You Can’t Miss Out On

Being from the 21st century, we have to bring everything to the digital interface. Online web stores have 4th of July discounts for you to pick and choose from. Mall scavenger hunting for the 4th of July is possible with your virtual self, and it’s a relief. Here is a list of sales you should look out for on the 4th of July.

Brooklyn Bedding

Think about all the cozy, comfy nights you will have from buying beautiful, quality bedding. The best part is that your refreshing nights come with mental peace as well as the physical one. Enjoy 25% off sitewide from the 24th of July to the 6th of July. All in the name of independence!


Here’s an amazing offer for you to stock up. You can get $200 off a mattress, and they’re throwing in a free duvet, plus two pillows and towels! This deal is a household blessing that you can avail of on your mall scavenger hunt for the 4th of July.


We may have a winner in apparel here! Bandier is offering up to 70% off on all products. All you need to do is spend the day getting your wardrobe updated online.


There is loads of competition when it comes to the infamous 4th of July. Jomashop will be hosting an 80% off sitewide sale for your mall scavenger hunting for the 4th of July!


Furniture items have been put on independence day sales as well, and amazing ones, too. Wayfair presents its customers with incredible select outdoor, living room, office furniture, and so on at up to 70% off. You have till the 5th of July for this deal, so don’t let it go to waste!

The Body Shop

We can’t leave our precious skin unattended, there’s no doubt about that. The body shop is ready to go all this 4th of July. You can save up to 50% off on selected items. Give yourself a treat by including this sale in your mall scavenger hunt for the 4th of July.

What do you think of these amazing deals? Have you planned to keep a budget aside for the 4th of July scavenger hunting this year? Let’s share our thoughts by having a community discussion in the comments section below.

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