Scarves that Make a Statement - 5 Ways to Wrap a Scarf Beautifully

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Scarves that Make a Statement - 5 Ways to Wrap a Scarf Beautifully

Scarves are most popularly known as a fashion accessory, and why not? They sure look great when done right. Not just in the winters, but even in the summer, a scarf looks great over your top or dress. But there are medical benefits to scarves, too; they protect your skin against dust and heat and are great relievers of neck pain. They can prevent colds and influenza in the winter by keeping you covered and warm. The natural beauty of a scarf comes out when it is tied correctly and uniquely. Here are some attractive ways to wrap scarves:



1. The Pretzel
For this, you need a cashmere scarf that you fold in half and place around your neck with the loop on one side. Then take one end of the scarf and pull it through the loop. After that, take the other end and place it on the loop, pulling it the opposite way.


2. The Celeb Knot
This knot, too, needs you to have a cashmere scarf. Place the scarf around your neck in a way that you drape it with one end going around and coming back to the front. Then tie the two loose ends of the scarf in a loose half knot.


3. The Infinity
Cover your neck with the scarf and tie the ends behind your back. Then spread the scarf in the front in a way that it looks like an infinity scarf. You will need an oblong scarf, and you can get this stunning Silk Oblong Scarf. It would be perfect for this look over a bright top.



4. The Kimono
Tie both the adjacent ends of the scarf to each other, so it makes a rectangular shape. Next, place the scarf on your shoulders and use the space made because of the knots as armholes. For this, a square scarf such as this Square Crepe Scarf by A New Day would suit you best as it would make a sizeable and stylish kimono.


5. The Halter Cover-Up
Wrap the sarong around your neck and pull it tightly, so the two corners of it cross each other. Now, bring the two corners up and tie a half-knot around your neck. For this, you will need something like this Floral Fringe Cover-Up Pareo, as it is a wrap that would require a sarong.



If you are not much of a scarf person, we think you should reconsider. Scarves are one of the best fashion accessories that you can have, especially in the winters. What is your favorite way to wrap a scarf, and why? Tell us in the comments below.

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