Rust Bothering You Around Your Home? – 5 Tricks that Will Rid Rust Forever

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Rust Bothering You Around Your Home? – 5 Tricks that Will Rid Rust Forever

Rust occurs when metals oxidize because of prolonged exposure to direct or indirect moisture. You find that the metal turns into a chalky-brown substance. That is called rust. The best way to prevent rust is to keep the surfaces dry. But not everyone can manage that all the time. Some areas are just prone to more water than others.


Rust can find its way almost anywhere in your home. Nothing is safe from rust, from bike handles to the very tools you use to fix things around your house! So if you are bothered by rust and want to prevent further damage, you must be looking for a solution. Check out some of the best solutions for rust around your home:


1. WD-40
WD-40 is the go-to chemical that everyone uses to remove rust. It is ultra-effective as it targets the bonds that rust and metal have. It is an invasive chemical, and it seeps into even the smallest of crevices. Soak the area with WD-40 for about 10 minutes, and use a wire brush to eradicate the rust!

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2. Diesel
Diesel is a very effective agent to remove rust and protect against it too. All you have to do is to soak the object with rust in diesel for 24 hours. By the time you get back to it, all the rust will have been worn off of it! Scrub and wash the object thoroughly, and that is all!


3. White Vinegar
Everyone has vinegar somewhere around their home. Whether it is for cooking, cleaning, or self-care, vinegar has a way to help you out. Little did you know that it will be your salvation from rust too! It is one of the most effective rust removers around. Place the rusted object in vinegar for 24 hours, scrub it, and voila!


4. Baking Soda Paste
Baking soda and water; that is all you need to get rid of the worst of rust in your home. Just mix baking soda and water in a bowl, making a very thick paste. Once the paste is ready, spread it on the metal and wait to do its job. After around 20 minutes, scrub off the paste with steel wool. The rust will come off!

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5. Citric Acid
Powdered citric is readily available in your supermarkets. Just bring some of it home and activate it with warm water. You can make as much of the solution as you need. Place the rusted objects in the citric acid container, and by the morning, all the things will be rust-free!


Once you have finished clearing out the rust, rinse and dry the surfaces thoroughly. To prevent rust from coming back, you can always prime the surface and paint over it. Or, if you prefer the original look, spray some lacquer over it. Did you find these tips helpful? Tell us in the comments below!

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