Read this before You Dye Your Hair at Home: The Best Hair Dye Formulas Out There

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Read this before You Dye Your Hair at Home: The Best Hair Dye Formulas Out There

The most common way to get your hair processed with color is to go to a salon. However, the cost of color processing starts from around $75 and crosses even $500 in some cases! If you want to change your look completely, then getting professional help would be a good idea, but for the most part, you might just need subtle highlights or touch-ups, and you can do that at home with ease!


The at-home permanent hair colors of today are surprisingly easy to use. They would get you the look you want without the high cost or the trouble of going to a salon. Using these color brands, you are sure to get incredible and satisfying results!



1. Clairol Natural Instincts
There are numerous shades that the brand offers, and particularly the brown and red hues are fabulous. The dye offers impressive coverage and does not ruin the shine of the hair. Also, it is very resistant to being washed and was very effective in covering up any grey hair. This is the best overall hair color that you can get for home use.


2. Revlon ColorSilk
This is the best value that you can get for hair color. This boxed dye has a highly durable and long-lasting color and impresses anyone who tries it. When used to cover greys, it did not ruin the hair's shine and lasted for four weeks! It has excellent shades for brunettes and red-heads and was tried on a lot of people. Everyone retained their shine even after several washes.



3. Clairol Nice' n easy
This specific variant of Clariol was seen to be the best one when it came to light hair, such as a dark neutral blonde shade. Other brands could only get average points for covering up grays in blonde colors, but this one stood out in its fade resistance and shine. In addition, it scored very high for giving a natural look, and the hair even felt softer and shinier after use.


4. L'Oreal Superior Preference Glam Lights
If you have ever tried to highlight your hair, you must know how tricky it is. But with L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference Glam Lights, it is made very easy. You can highlight your hair in only two steps. All you need to do is fill the included highlighting brush with the formula and brush it through your hair from root to tips.


Have you ever tried to color your hair at home? If you get it done right, it can be utterly amazing. The right color will last through thorough shampooing and even keep the health and shine of your hair intact. Tell us about your experience with hair dyes in the comments below!

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