Questions you need to ask before you shop for medicine online

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Questions you need to ask before you shop for medicine online

When you clothing shop online you do not need a second thought before buying. With medicines it is unsafe to take that big of a risk. If you’re ordering online, you should have enough knowledge and experience to be safe.

There are ways to order medicine online while avoiding the gray (or red!) areas. Here are a bunch of necessary questions you need to ask yourself before ordering medicines online.

1. Are you familiar with your symptoms?

Before you decide what medicine to order, ask yourself if you’ve experienced these symptoms before. Are you self-diagnosing? Because if that is the case, we would advise you to speak to a certified pharmacist before making any decision. Not taking any medicine is better than taking the wrong medicine. If you’re experiencing any new symptoms, discuss them with your healthcare provider.


2. Do you understand the standard dosage?

One needs to have sound knowledge regarding the dosage. You should be aware of the correct dose and when you should take it.

If you’re taking medicine for the first time:

● Speak to a pharmacist or health care provider.
● Double-check if the dosage you’re taking will work for your condition.
● To avoid withdrawal symptoms, always check with a certified health worker before you discontinue a medicine.


3. Are you ordering from a U.S. licensed pharmacy?

Given the easy accessibility to online marketing, one has to beware of online scamming companies. In some cases, the retailers take your money and disappear. In other conditions, they send faulty, expired medicines that can be toxic for your health. So how does one make sure they’re ordering from an authentic seller?

Well, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) has a list of online pharmacies that meet its standards and are accredited through its Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) program. Make sure to check if the pharmacy you are using is on the list. 


4. Are you aware of other medicine to avoid while you’re taking this medicine?

When you place an order with a licensed pharmacy, they ask you for a prescription and help you get in touch with a pharmacist. Once you discuss your condition with the pharmacist, you’re informed what medicines and food to avoid.

Don’t make these decisions on your own, that is what pharmacists are here for! Never believe what the websites have to say. Cross-check everything you’ve been told. Yes, you heard us right- be a health skeptic! For more on health claims, visit


5. Avoid the sales trap

First, never place an order with an unauthorized seller. Secondly, never get trapped in one of those sale-tactics, where the seller promises on selling you medicines at half the price. Ask yourself: why would someone do that? Are the medicines about to expire? Or are the medicines really FDA approved?


Make sure you find the answers to all these questions before placing an order. After all, you can never compromise when it comes to health. Let us know if you found these questions helpful in the comments!

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