Need A Laugh? Go Find These Stand-Up Comedians Online and Thank Us Later

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Need A Laugh? Go Find These Stand-Up Comedians Online and Thank Us Later

There is something about laughing that just makes you forget about all your troubles. The serotonin that laughter brings you has fantastic health benefits as well! . Laughing saves you from the detrimental effects of stress, boosts your immune system, and even diminishes pain.


It has incredible psychological effects as well. Humor has a way of lightening your burdens and make you more focused on your work. And even allows you to lift yourself from anger and forgive another person. These are the many reasons why things such as stand-up comedies are popular today. So to get you your serotonin fix, here are some amazing stand-up comedians that will surely give you a good laugh.




1. Sean Patton
It is unreal how relatable his jokes are and how amazing his analysis is. His depiction and categorization of homeless people alone are enough to have you catching your breath as you laugh. His sometimes apathetic take on his life events makes you, as an audience, think of the world from a different angle.


2. Trevor Noah
Most of you might not know Trevor Noah as a stand-up comedian. He has a very successful American satirical news show you might know as The Daily Show. He is a South African comedian who is terrific at impressions. You will be taken aback if you happen to come across his video about accents and how he finds some menacing and others not as much.


3. Russel Peters
Russel Peters is one of those comedians that is good even if you want to watch a show with your family. He has a fantastic take on how stereotypes clog our thinking, and he expresses that phenomenally in a video he did for Comedy Central, "This is not happening." He talks about a trip to Saudi Arabia, where he had to do a stand-up comedy. He was amazed by the disparity between how he thought the people there were and how they actually are.


4. Gabriel Iglesias
There is something about Gabriel, or Fluffy as people lovingly refer to him, that just instantly makes you like the guy. Unlike many stand-up comedians, Fluffy has a sense of humor that is innocent and pure. He often jokes about his weight as well and says there are five levels of fatness; "Big,” "Healthy,” "Husky,” "Fluffy," and "DAMN!!!". 



Today's fast-paced world is sometimes too demanding, and we are lucky to have stand-up comedy to keep us lively. Tell us about your favorite stand-up comedians in the comments below!

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