Is Summertime a Safer Time Health-wise?

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Is Summertime a Safer Time Health-wise?
Summer brings light to our dull, quarantined lives. There are foreshocks of the Pandemic slowly shifting away from the world as new vaccines and implementation of government policies bear fruit. People slowly venture outside but keep themselves in line with all the anti-viral precautions, such as wearing masks and gloves and keeping a 6-foot distance from others. Slowly, yet surely, we can predict the curve to flatten. Another fortunate, exciting aspect of the summer is that studies directly from the World Health Organization suggest this new corona virus is not heat resistant.

Hear It From The Health Specialist

Through heated debate and study on the peaks of similar viruses of the past, we now know that common coronavirus - HCoV-NL63, HCoV-OC43 and HCoV-229E - had low summer infectious rates. A study took place by scientists at University College London that shows coronaviruses are seasonal in behaviour in temperate climates. Some epidemiologists consider this to be good news. COVID-19 is a mutated version of previous bat-virus strains, so it may mimic their peaks and disappear as summer takes over. However, this is a theory, that has not yet been backed up by scientific evidence. Let’s just have our fingers crossed at the possibility and do what we can. Staying safe by staying at home!

Don’t Beat The Heat

As amusing as it sounds, this summer we should not beat the heat at all. Instead, we must beat COVID-19 with the heat. COVID-19 will slowly wear off if we keep our body temperatures high. Kickstarters for your metabolism are found in natural, fresh vegetables and fruits. According to Healthline, these are some foods you should intake in summers especially. They develop resistance in your body against pesky pathogens like the COVID-19 we’ve dealt with.

  • Iron, Zinc and Selenium-Rich Foods.
  • Chilli Peppers.
  • Legumes and Pulses.
  • Metabolism-Boosting Spices.

Summertime - Your Time To Shine

The government in the U.K has eased down the lockdown to the point where people are allowed to play sports and exercise in parks outside. Beware, however - this does not mean that close contact is allowed. The government trusts that people will pay heed to precautionary measures. You may (and should) play tennis, golf, and soccer, but with sanitized hands and masks to flatten the curve.

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Is Summer Truly Safer

All in all, it hasn’t been proven that COVID-19 is ineffective when exposed to heat. The sun shines on the world for a hopeful, dramatic end to COVID-19. We are still in shock over how easily a disease can tip the whole world over. This is why taking multivitamin supplements and being wary of every form of virus or bacteria should become a norm in society. Let’s just hope the summer gives us what we truly want: safer, happier times.

Is summertime the decisive end for COVID-19, or is a new wave of disease just waiting for us in the shadows? What are your plans for the summer? Voice your concerns and thoughts about the matter in the comments section down below. We would appreciate feedback from our readers!

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