Is Reading Boring? These New York Times Bestsellers Will Change Your Mind

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Is Reading Boring? These New York Times Bestsellers Will Change Your Mind

Many people like the idea of reading but do not really seem to connect with it once they start. A book can very quickly begin to feel dull. But it does not have to be this way. One of the biggest reasons why this happens is that you chose the wrong book. Some books have a tendency to look very captivating by their cover but are surprisingly boring to read once you buy them.


The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” could not be more accurate. A way to know what books are good for sure is to buy the books that many people read. And New York Times Bestsellers are a way to learn about a lot of such books. Here are some fantastic books featured in New York Times Bestsellers:



1. Golden Girl- Elin Hilderbrand
This book is based on a mother, who is also an author named Vivian Howe. She finds herself in the afterlife, and there, she is allowed to view the world for one last summer and has three nudges to help those she left behind. She has to choose how to help her three children and see them struggle with adulthood as they discover secrets that she hid.


2. Where the Crawdads Sing- Delia Owens
Kya Clark was abandoned and survived by herself in the marshes of the North Carolina coast. Nobody was there to bring her up, so nature took that job, and she grew up with nature. She was labeled as “The Marsh Girl” by the locals. Now she is coming of age and feels a void inside her, yearning for something more, a way to save herself from loneliness.


3. The Vanishing Half- Brit Bennet
Vignes sisters grew up in a small black community in the Deep South, but they decided to run away when they turned sixteen. They were identical twins, but their lives took very different trajectories. One of the sisters finds her way back into the community. While the other passes as white. The author of this book explores more than race, as she discusses how past affects the future generations.


4. American Dirt- Jeanine Cummins
The owner of a bookstore in Mexico, Lydia, is charmed by Javier, a man sharing her taste in books. She then discovers that he is a drug lord in the locality. When the husband of Lydia finds this out and exposes this to her, the cartel turns against the family, and she and her son Luca have to flee from there to American soil.


Did any of these books pique your interest? If yes, then tell us in the comments below! Reading captivating books is an experience everyone should have. Not only is it fun, but it has countless benefits.

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