How to support Walmart’s Global Women’s Empowerment Initiative

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How to support Walmart’s Global Women’s Empowerment Initiative

Back in 2011, Walmart started a program to empower women. The empowerment that would ultimately prove to be real and practical! The then-president of Walmart, Mike Duke, arranged multiple meetings with government officials and philanthropists to reach a feasible and realistic outcome.

What’s the one thing that will improve women’s quality of life worldwide? You heard it right: financial independence! And so Walmart decided to source items from businesses owned by women. Furthermore, the program aimed at training women working on farms and factories. These women are hardworking but lacked the skills to upgrade their financial status.

Amidst Walmart’s efforts, it is pivotal to play our role as a society to empower women. So, what can we do to support this initiative?


1. Buy from women-run businesses

Don’t go around bad-mouthing everyone and not trying anything on your end. If you want women to prosper in businesses, buy from them. Be it a family member, a neighbor, or a friend- don’t look out for free treats! Also, Consider investing in start-ups run by women.

2. Join Walmart’s investment program

Yep, that’s a different idea. Walmart's initiative focuses on increased sourcing from women suppliers. So when you invest in Walmart you will be directly supporting their Women's Empowerment initiative. At the same time, do not forget about the profit you will be getting in return. Walmart is a market giant, and if you invest there, the chances of success are high.

3. Training center

You can set up a skill-sharing institution to empower women working in farms or factories. Teaching them information about the new digital world is the only way forward. If you are good in finance and marketing, your knowledge can be crucial to their survival. 

4. Charity work

Walmart has decided to upgrade its philanthropic work on women. So, you can support this initiative by doing the same. Various NGOs and training centers are working to improve women’s quality of life. Programs working on maternal health, financial independence, and domestic violence should have your support!


5. Raise awareness

No one can deny the importance of spreading the word. Talk about this initiative with your friends and family at any event. In this way, more people can connect to Walmart’s women sellers and suppliers. 


It isn’t the exclusive duty of gigantic co-operations to bring out positive change in society. We can do our part by supporting women-run businesses, raising awareness, and doing charity work. A woman is a mother, daughter, and wife. The change in society through her can leave an everlasting impact! What do you think? Would you like to support Walmart’s endeavors? Let us know in the comments box below!

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