How to keep the children entertained at home during winter chill spells 

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How to keep the children entertained at home during winter chill spells 
Winters are the most peaceful time of the year, given that you don’t have frustrated children cooped up inside. It might get a little difficult to keep your little ones busy while you’re relaxing, enjoying quiet, chilly afternoons. Well, worry no more! We have the solution to your winter worries with fun activities that would keep your children occupied.

Scavenger Hunt

If there is one activity that children like the most to do, it is turning the house upside down just because they are bored. It’s hard to tolerate a messy house all winter, when all one wants to do is crawl up under a blanket. You can channel their restlessness positively by giving it a purpose! Try to have them rummage through the entire house with a scavenger hunt. This will keep them occupied for a long time while you have your alone-time. For this, you can easily order your cardstock and write interesting clues and instructions you have planned on it.

By carefully planning out the scavenger hunt you don’t risk having the youngsters create a mess. They’ll have fun and stay healthy with some exercise!

Scavenger Hunt Game


Bingo isn’t a game meant for the elderly only, unlike the modern media often portrays. Bingo brings more excitement and fun to the entire household. It’s a fun, interactive game that even kids enjoy!

You can buy a winter themed bingo and get everyone testing their luck out. This game will unleash both the excited and reserved sides of your children with every box that gets crossed. You could reward the winner with a gift as well. This would heat up the competition!

Once the kids get a hang of the game, you’ll find them playing non-stop. You can go about your daily routine without a hitch in the tracks. What are you waiting for?

Family Bingo Game Sets

Minute-to-win-it games

These challenging minute-to-win-it games are forever favorites. So, why not make it part of the winter season? Many researchers claim that timed physical games increase the cognitive functions of your brain. Children, who are at tender developing ages can benefit the most from these activities. There is an array of minute-to-win-it games to choose from. The best part? you’ll never run out of them.

Fun games and activities for the entire household

Charades for Kids

Charades is a wholesome game that engages the auditory and visual senses. Furthermore, by buying a charades game pack, you are prompting your children to gain more general knowledge themselves! The competition compels them to be as knowledgeable as they can get.

You’ll have fun guessing and acting out in the game as much as your children. What better way to bond with the little ones than this? Here’s the answer: None at all!

Charades for Kids: The Family Game

These activities will not only keep your children engaged but also give you the best time with the young ones during winter. We are sure you will love them! You can share your experiences and more in the comments below!

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