How to file taxes for free online

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How to file taxes for free online
As everyone knows, taxes are inevitable. However, the fees associated with filing taxes are not. That said, if you want to file taxes for free online, you need to understand what type of tax forms and income situations qualify for free filing.


If you have what is known as a complicated, home-based-business income situations, you will likely have to pay something. However, if you are filing taxes online that require a traditional 1040 or 1040-EZ, you will not need to worry about paying one dime.

Additionally, if you fit into a low-income bracket, you can file just about any taxes for free.

For people serving in the military, the income bracket is a little more generous. Finally, free tax filing is sometimes dependent on the state in which you reside.

For people who do not meet the income cap, you might still qualify for free taxes as long as you qualify for the earned-income tax credit.

1. TurboTax Freedom Edition

As one of the top tax-preparation companies, TurboTax offers free tax filing for account holders who made less than $34,000 in the previous year. This income cap helps ensure low-earners have an affordable way to file taxes regardless how complicated their taxes are.

For people who might have earned more than $34,000 per year, TurboTax also offers a free tax option. The only requirement is that you visit If you go to the standard TurboTax website, you will not be offered the actual free version.

2. Free 1040 Tax Return

Another free option for filing your taxes is via Free 1040 Tax Return. As the name implies, you only receive free tax filing if you are capable of paying your taxes using the 1040 form. If you use additional forms to report income from self-employment or working as a contractor, you will not qualify.

3. TaxAct TaxAct offers free filing for households in which the total gross income is less than $59,000. If your income is greater than $59,000, you will only qualify for free taxes if you meet the following conditions.

- eligible for the earned income tax credit
- currently serving in the military with an income of less than $69,000

4. FileYourTaxes

FileYourTaxes offers tax filers free tax assistance if they earned between $9,000 and $69,000 and are also younger than 65 years of age. If you fall outside this strict definition, you can only qualify for free tax assistance if you earn less than $69,000 and are actively serving in one of the branches of the military. For people with foreign addresses, you can still file your taxes for free.

5. 1040Now

If you visit 1040Now, you can receive free tax filing, but you must earn less than $69,000 while also living in one of the following states.

- Ala.
- Ark.
- Ariz.
- Calif.
- Ga.
- Iowa
- Idaho
- Ky.
- Mich.
- Minn.
- Mo.
- Miss.
- N.C.
- N.D.
- N.Y.
- Okla.
- Ore.
- R.I.
- S.C.
- Va.
- Vt.
- W. Va.

State taxes

Please note that all of the above services provide free filing of state taxes except 1040Now.

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