How to baby-proof your home efficiently

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How to baby-proof your home efficiently

Having any baby come home requires drastic changes to the household. New parents forget that it isn’t just their routine that will take the blow- their house or living space will transition through a bigger change. The first few months might be easy since the baby is restricted to the crib only, but once the baby learns how to crawl, a lot has to be taken into consideration.

With good thinking, you can make sure the baby stays safe at all times- and at all costs! Here’s a list of a few basic products you would need. Read first, thank later!


Reusable Rug covers

Do you have a fancy rug in your TV lounge, the sort that can't afford any baby food stains? Well, then the first thing you need to be adding to your house is a reusable rug cover. Babies tend to crawl on carpets and rugs, it’s their favorite place to play. So instead of washing your rug again and again, just cover it up and let your baby enjoy.

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Don’t forget to babyproof the bathroom

Babies just seem to love the bathroom! Once a baby learns how to crawl or walk you’ll find it playing in the bathroom in no time. While playing in the bathroom there’s a chance your baby might take one of its favorite toys, the Tv remote, or  your favorite lipstick and throw it inside the toilet. Wouldn’t that be one nasty unclogging? Well, to save yourself from all that headache, get yourself a toilet seat lock.

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Plug Protectors  

Babies love playing with electrical sockets. Maybe it is the tiny holes that intrigue them or maybe they like getting in trouble. To make sure your baby doesn't end up getting hurt while it goes on the conquest of exploring your house, use Childproof switches instead of the normal ones.

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Baby proof doorknob

A child-proof doorknob works the best when you don't want your baby to have access to a certain room in the house. Rooms like the kitchen and dining room are safer with baby proof doorknobs



Table Corners - Cover Sharp Surfaces

You’ll have to be extra careful about sharp furniture. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to change your furniture, all you have to do is get some table or furniture corners. They’re made of silicone and are easy to apply. You can be calm knowing your sharp edges are smooth and secure.

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One has to be extra careful when a baby is around. You can’t keep an eye on the baby at all times, and they run into trouble as soon as one blinks. This is why you need to make slight modifications around the house. You create a safe environment eliminating all possible hazards by trying out the products listed. Let us know your baby proofing experience- share your knowledge in the comments!

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