Has The COVID-19 Really Come To An End?

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Has The COVID-19 Really Come To An End?
The world seems to be shrouded in a mist of mystery with a few rays of hope poking through from time to time. While statistics dwindle, we can see the government easing lockdowns slowly and allowing companies, parks, and schools to re-open. Some people had to see the worst of COVID-19 with their own family members being affected, or have had crashing businesses that resulted in huge loss. It’s not too far-fetched to say that the end of the pandemic will send sparks of joy through the whole world. We hope this flicker of hope adds up to become the warm fire that cleanses us of all worry, fear, and death.

A Skeptical Eye

Whilst some are rejoicing over eased lockdowns and the approval to venture outside, news channels mask it as a sign of danger. Through the skeptical eye, one can presume that COVID-19 can have a second wave of the outbreak that may prove to be more fatal than the last one. Here is what some prominent news resources have posted up on their respective websites. Some of these news articles are very positive about the upcoming months of 2020, whilst others show concern regarding the increasing cases.

Coronavirus reopening | Map of when US states are ending lockdown - USA Today

Governers set forth brainstorming new plans to strategically ease lockdowns without piling up new cases of COVID-19 victims. Although health officials warn us about the potential risk of easing lockdowns too soon, states seem ready to take the plunge. Schools, casinos, and large entertainment venues have the green signal to open with appropriate precautionary measures. May it be Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Vermont, and so on… the overall situation seems to be in favour of calling it a day for the coronavirus. The article gives us much-needed insight into the increase or decrease in the spread of COVID-19 with respect to the mentioned areas. The more you know, the better.

Italy, US Ease Coronavirus Lockdowns - Voice Of America

As we all know, Italy had more than its share of the deadly Pandemic. It’s a relief that the death count has decreased to a level where economic activity may resume under strict guidance. Following a terrible lockdown, finally, people are allowed to venture outside for a walk or to visit a relative. Restaurants are allowed to provide takeaway services and more than four million Italians went back to work. While states are slowly coming back to life, aiming at more economic stability, health officials around the globe caution governments about the measure being too reckless - enough to aggravate the situation once again.

US coronavirus cases spike in fortnight since easing of lockdown measures - The Telegraph

Statistics prove the ease in lockdown to be a rather harsh move made by the government. According to the Telegraph, it gives people a false sense of safety. Birthday parties and funerals are held accountable for the increase in COVID-19 cases in 21 states of the U.S. Given that Americans were spotted in crowded beaches and swimming pools, thousands in number, there’s no denying the possibility of a second spike of COVID-19. With this unprecedented behaviour of the general public, the government mustn’t take a risk of ceasing lockdowns. There may be no other choice but impose another ‘stay at home’ order if numbers continue to increase.

What do you think about the recent government regulations and ease in lockdowns? Are you relieved, or fearful for the future? Let us know in the comments down below!

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