Get Your Kids a New Bicycle - 6 Bicycles from Brands that Will Last You a Lifetime

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Get Your Kids a New Bicycle - 6 Bicycles from Brands that Will Last You a Lifetime

Like us, you too must remember all the fun times you had riding on your bike with a group of friends or even solo. And as a parent, it is natural that you want your children to experience the same joy. Besides, the addiction to phones and tablets is too much at this point, and some physical activity might be good for them.


While teaching your child how to ride a bike can be one of the most daunting tasks you will do, getting the right bike for them is a whole another challenge. Sales of bikes have almost doubled in the last year, which means they are more expensive than ever now. Check out the ones we picked for you. These are the best bikes for kids of different ages sorted out for you:


1. Best Tricycle – Radio Flyer
If you want to introduce your toddler to cycling, this is the best way to do so. It is made of safe plastic, and it has a handle on the back that can help them steer their children from getting hurt. It comes with an adjustable seat and a compartment in the back.

 Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer and Stroll Kids Outdoor Recreation Bike Tricycle, Red - image 1 of 5


2. Best Balance Bicycle – Strider
This is an ideal bike for children aged eighteen months to three years. It comes with balances and weights to help your children ride safely. It has a weight capacity of 60 pounds and weighs less than seven pounds itself.

 STRIDER 12 Classic Balance Bike, Blue


3. Best With Training Wheels – RoyalBaby
This bike is made for kids who have just outgrown their tricycle phase and are not just ready to balance on two wheels. The training wheels are robust and allow your kid to ride fearlessly. It comes pre-assembled with size options from 12 to 20-inch wheels.

RoyalBaby Freestyle 16" Kids' Bike - image 1 of 2 


4. Best For Adolescents – Schwinn
This bike comes with 20-inch wheels and a durable steel frame. It comes with a small pocket in the front to hold your belongings. It comes with both pedal and hand brakes, and you can get it in two colors, blue and green.

Schwinn Falcon 20" Kids' Bike - image 1 of 7



5. Best Durability – Dynacraft
If you want a bike built to face harsh use, the Dynacraft Magna Major will do the job for you perfectly. It comes with 16-inch wheels and weighs 25 pounds. It has hand brakes and a handle-bar pad to aid comfort.

Major Damage 16" Boys' Bicycle, Yellow 


6. Best For Older Kids – Cannondale
This is a high-end bike built for more advanced riders. You can get your grown-up kids one or even get it yourself. It comes with seven gears and has 24-inch wheels. It is made of aluminum, making it weigh only 20 pounds. This is more of a road bike with a thinner frame and tires.

 Product Image of color Sherpa




Tell us in the comments below, are your children excited about riding their bikes around the block? The time is now because soon it will be too cold for them to do this. So be sure you give them the best of experiences by getting them the best bike!

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