Five of the Top Budget Beauty Products

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Five of the Top Budget Beauty Products
There are literally thousands of beauty products available and it can be overwhelming when you try to sort through them. To help you out, I have provided a list of five amazing products under twenty-five dollars. Not only will you read about some amazing products, but you will see how you can save money too. Read on for my five favorite picks.

Mary Kay Vitamin C Squares

These amazing little squares are 100% vitamin C! Seriously! All that vitamin C packed into something that is almost transparent. It is so easy to use. I can use just a few drops of water to dissolve it and then mix it with my moisturizer. Then I apply my moisturizer as usual but now I have a full, concentrated dose of Vitamin C being directly fused into my skin. This is one of the best beauty products on the market.$24,

Covergirl True Blend Face Primer for Combo Skin

This is one of my favorites because I tend to sweat in the summer. It is exciting to actually find a primer that work. It glides on easily creating a smooth palette for my makeup. It is non-comodogenic (which is great for sweaty people like me) and suitable for many skin types. It keeps my makeup looking super fresh.$8.79

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water

This is an amazing cleanser because you don't really have to do any scrubbing to cleanse your face. There is no oil, no alcohol, and its unscented. It is totally free of harsh chemicals. And it works pretty fast considering the fact that you don't have to scrub. This product is also great for sensitive skin. The cleanser is perfectly priced for someone on a budget. $8.99

E.L.F. Cosmetics Beauty Blender Sponge

There are a million and one beauty sponges on the market and, personally, I am not excited to pay twenty bucks for a sponge. Since I am on a budget, I tried the E.L.F. sponge which is in the lower price range, but it is an amazing sponge that allows me to perfectly contour my makeup like a pro. It is only available online, and it comes in three different cool colors. $5

L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Waterproof Miss Manga Mascara

One of the most popular beauty products is mascara. I am a person who loves big lashes so this mascara had to go on the list. This L'Oreal mascara is amazing because it actually gives you movie star lashes. You will be wide-eyed and glamorous after using the flexible 360 degree brush. The brush designs are really great because it helps to get those hard to reach lashes. The best part for me is that its waterproof (because I sweat!). $7.99

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