Five must-have items for the NFL season!

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Just like you must do for any months-long festivity, preparing for the football season is the only way to ensure your family and friends have all the food and front-row fun on and off the gridiron.

1. Grill

Whether you opt for the Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Grill that offers 800 inches of cooking area or a Folding Portable Lightweight Barbecue Grill that is perfect for tailgating, you do need a grill. Of course, with any grill, you will need accessories, such as the OMANTICIST 27pc BBQ Accessories Set that offers every possible cooking utensil you will need for ribs, chops, or steaks.

2. Spirit

Team spirit can only be shown in one way: an official NFL jersey for whatever team that solicits your loudest cheers. Of course, since winter is the official NFL celebration time, you might opt for a sweatshirt and hat instead. Whichever, your official gear supports your on-field champions and taunts those family members who inevitably root for the wrong team.

3. Coolers

Okay, number three on this list actually is comprised of two items: a cooler and a chair. You obviously need a chair for cheering, talking, and eating. However, you also need something to drink, and it better be ice cold. Therefore, number three on this list is comprised of chairs and coolers.

4. Carrying tray

A carrying tray for your food and drink is as essential as the food and drink. The tray holds your cup, your dogs, and your fries or tots. Of course, your chops can fit easily on top of the dogs, and you can situate your burger askew on your chop. Your veggie skewer can fit into the slot beside your drink, and you can have the grill master sprinkle nachos liberally over the entire food array. Thus situated, all you need to do is enjoy the season.

5. Television: bigger and better

If you have ever been to a football game, you know just how gigantic those players are. You might not have noticed, however, that football players will not display properly on small televisions. You think technology, being what it is, could design a small television capable of displaying large events, but small televisions just do not display anything without the heads and feet getting cut off and most of the scenes stretched and distorted.

If you are now getting up to check your television to see if it will display a football game, there are two things that just went wrong. First, of course, your television will show a football game. Two, you are probably wanting something that does a better job. For instance, this 49-inch Samsung television offers 4K resolution and true color reproduction.

That said, this 75-inch TCL television actually brings the game into your living room. It offers 4K resolution, true color representation, and a refresh rate perfect for high-speed video. Additionally, it is large enough that the heads of the players will actually not get cut off.

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