Don't Take Cyber Security Lightly In the 21st Century- Here's Why

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Don't Take Cyber Security Lightly In the 21st Century- Here's Why

We may not like it, but humans are more dependent on technology than ever. And recently, even our marketplaces have gone online. Despite the luxury and ease that this has brought us, it can be problematic as well.


With online shopping and paying for goods, online or data has become sensitive and precious to cybercriminals. It is terrifying to think that just by a few wrong clicks, you can end up compromising your bank details! Cybercriminals are jumping at these chances and are becoming smarter every day, beware of the recent cyber threats:



1. Phishing Attacks
A phishing attack is a way for criminals to get access to a user's resources by misleading them. You might find a fake login page to a social media website or a popup telling you to download something or allow something on your browser. Sometimes these are used to mine bitcoin without the user's permission.


2. Ransomware
This was a new type of cybercrime that was introduced in 2020. In this cyber threat, the criminal encrypts the files on a user's computer and asks them to pay up for their decryption. Cryptocurrency has allowed criminals to remain anonymous.


3. Malvertising on Facebook Feed
The term malvertising stems from the words malicious and advertising; this cybercrime is done through online ads and distributes malware. There is a malicious code hidden in the advertisement, and upon clicking, criminals can get access to your computer.


4. Identity Theft
This one is a bit aggravating and inhumane. Cases of identity theft surged over 3000% in 2020. The prime targets were people in financial distress because of the pandemic. Cybercriminals gained their identity to take the benefits that the government meant for the needy.


5. Deepfakes
The name is as accurate as it can be. Modern computer technology has advanced to the level that people can make videos of famous celebrities doing something or incidents that did not happen in extreme detail. Even though they are widely used just for laughs and giggles, they are a threat that needs to be taken seriously.




The days when only having an antivirus or a firewall system was enough to safeguard you from any threat posed to your computer are unfortunately gone. You need to be adept and careful on the internet now. Tell us about any cyber-crimes that you know of or have faced in the comments below. You might help someone else!

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