DIY Paint sprayers versus Hiring Professional Painters: Which is Better?

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DIY Paint sprayers versus Hiring Professional Painters: Which is Better?

Modern society has assigned each individual their duties that they have to fulfil. Many of the decisions we make in our daily lives revolve around our budget and the time we have on our hands. The same goes for getting something painted. Painting is a time-intensive job, and that is the very reasons why professional painters ask for the money they usually do.

DIY painting comes with pros and cons. Some pros are that it can be a fantastic learning curve for people, and there would be substantial cost savings as you do not have to hire a laborer. The cons include having to do a ton of prep work and doing a lot of work. Another con is the risk of having to repaint. DIY painting is a daunting task, and even the slightest slip-up or wrong stroke would become hard to hide. To save you from the final con, here are some great paint sprayers that you can use to paint yourself!



1. Wagner Spraytech HVLP Sprayer
This paint sprayer has a 20-foot tall flexible hose and operates at 110V. This is an air-driven electric sprayer capable of spraying high volumes of paint at low pressure. It has a fantastic diversity of spray viscosity, as it can lay as thick a coat as latex paint and as thin as wood stain.

2. HomeRight Quick Finish Paint Sprayer
This is also an air-driven paint sprayer. It is known to be the best for projects that are small or medium in their magnitude. The adjustable cap allows high volume at low pressure. Also, it has an adjustable nozzle that is perfect for vertical, horizontal and round patterns of spray. It’s surprisingly easy to clean too.

3. Graco Magnum ProX19 Paint Sprayer
This is a professional grade paint sprayer, which weighs almost 42 pounds. It has adjustable pressure and a stainless steel piston pump. Its long and flexible tube allows you to paint directly from a paint can range from one to five gallons. This paint sprayer is rated for spraying up to 500 gallons of paint annually.


You cannot use a paint sprayer without taking the necessary precautions. Wearing a mask and gloves are some of the precautions you must take.  Please tell us in the comments below, which do you prefer, DIY or a professional?


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