Attention, Plant Parents: Incredible Plant Species You MUST Add To Your Garden

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Attention, Plant Parents: Incredible Plant Species You MUST Add To Your Garden

If you really love plants, you know you can always make room for one more plant if you see the perfect one. You can always plant new species according to the season, or you can get special planter boxes for your plants to make things more fun. It may be enjoyable to have seasonal plants for a while, but your garden should be based on plants that can live all year round.


There are a lot of things that you need to ensure before you actually get a plant. You need to know your USDA hardiness zone to ensure a plant can survive your climate. Also, you need to locate your garden in the ideal spot that gives the plant the exact amount of sunlight they need to thrive. With all that said, here are some great plants you can add to your garden.


1. Roses
Regardless of the garden setting you have, you can never go wrong with roses. They are just lovely and romantic in any garden setting. Roses are not as picky as you would expect them to be; new types of roses have been bred to be resistant to many diseases. For a fantastic addition to your garden, try a Coral Drift!



2. Hydrangeas
There are hundreds of varieties of hydrangeas, and you can find one that can survive in almost any climate. These flowers bloom in early summer and last to fall, and the Cherry explosion looks great while blooming. One myth is that you can change their color, not all of them, but some change color based on aluminum in the soil.



3. Succulents
There are countless varieties of succulent plants in a lot of different shapes and colors. Succulents, such as the Crassula Morgans, are always a brilliant addition to a garden. They are very low-maintenance and easy to grow, with fleshy leaves that can survive dry spells too.


4. Herbs
Herbs are surprisingly easy when it comes to growing them. Also, they are excellent pollinators. Rather than buying plastic containers from the store, you will find them much cheaper to grow. A lot of herbs grow back on their own, but some you will have to re-plant. Try Chocolate Mint for a start; you are sure to enjoy it.



5. Fragrant Plants
Gardens are amazing at engaging the sense of smell, and having fragrant plants is a way to win at it. You have countless options, such as Pink Lilacs and Van Zyverden Peonies. 



Gardening is one of the best and most common hobbies for a reason. It can be very fulfilling to see the plants you nurture and care for growing. What are your favorite plants? Do you have any in your garden? Tell us in the comments below!

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