A Look at Some of the Hottest Tech Trends in 2020

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A Look at Some of the Hottest Tech Trends in 2020
When you are talking about the hottest tech trends occurring in 2020, you have to mention AI, edge computing, and the internet of things, but with so much going on around the world, even that would hardly cover all of the latest trends. This year has already proven to be a pivotal year in the evolution of technology. There are multiple leading edge technologies being brought to market right this minute that will undoubtedly forever change the way most people go about their daily lives.

Artificial Intelligence Guides the Way

AI is certainly leading the pack in terms of revolutionizing the way we go about our daily business. The latest trends in 2020 are moving us towards a world where computers are making more decisions in place of humans. In some cases, like the aviation industry, computers are now even making repairs. It is this increased reliance upon artificial intelligence that will be the hallmark of 2020.

AI isn't the only sector in the computing industry that is pushing forward the limits of science though. In fact, you just might be surprised by how close to home the most technologically advanced solutions on the market are right now. They just might actually be in your home already if you rely upon smart devices on a regular basis. Welcome to the edge of computing, a new domain where corporate giants are now able to offload the processing power of AI tasks to the devices of consumers.

Cloud Computing Meets Home Computers

This means that the cloud is coming to you this year. Cloud computing used to be hallmarked by huge data servers, but these data servers are now being replaced by micro data centers that could potentially be as small as a cell phone. Furthermore, an intelligent network of sensors has become the norm in today's fast-paced world. No longer must people wait for multiple seconds to get the vital data they need due to limitations of the speed of light. Today, consumers and businesses are gaining access to real-time data due to edge computing, which is a technological advancement that could completely transform their daily activities.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Continue to Thrive

All of this could hardly be mentioned without also making reference to the tremendous advancements that have been happening in the virtual currency markets. Cryptocurrencies are more than just a buzzword these days. The hottest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are certainly making a splash upon the global economy, but it's the advancements happening in the real world that are really changing the nature of the game. Cryptocurrency ATMs are the latest trend, and they look to be here for good. No longer must consumers battle endless technical jargon just to purchase their favorite cryptocurrencies. Today it's as easy as walking into a convenience store and making a purchase.

Don't Forget to Put the Parking Brake On

Of all the latest tech tends to occur though, it is likely autonomous driving that will ultimately change the way we live our daily lives to the greatest degree. Autonomous vehicles are now being used to enhance the quality of life individuals around the world enjoy on a daily basis. This year will undoubtedly be marked by a great number of achievements in the autonomous vehicle category as companies throughout the world continue to race to the finish line of delivering a vehicle capable of driving completely autonomously.

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