7 house interior tips that take up less space but store more

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7 house interior tips that take up less space but store more

Do you live in a tiny apartment that has more stuff than you need? Fitting everything in a small space is a challenge on its own, let alone make it look neat. One thing on the top of another, it’s a never-ending cycle- often making the apartment look like a haphazard heap of wood and metal.

It doesn’t matter if your YT feed is full of minimalist videos. It all goes down to your approach in life. You can either get rid of some stuff or fit in everything using some clever ideas.

Don’t fret! We have listed some house interior upgrades that will help you make the best out of every inch.

1. Use The Wall



The number one untapped goldmine of your home is the wall. Are you making the best out of it? In case you love to add a natural look to your home, have some nails hooked into the wall and hang flower pots. Do you know the most prominent space waster in the living room? Your TV. Fix it on the wall and utilize all the space it would leave.


2. Daybed



If you are willing to invest big once, go for a daybed. It serves two purposes: as a bed and as a sofa. Hence, perfect for your tiny space! You can either place one in the guest room, which you can use as a study later on, or in your bedroom for extra space.


3. Skirted Furniture



Whether you buy skirted or exposed legged furniture is personal preference. However a Skirted table is more practical as you can hide anything beneath it. However, if you want your furniture to play a role in making the room look spacious, go for options with exposed legs.


4. Space Above the Doorway



Have you occupied every inch of space on the floor? Time to utilize the space above doorways. It is a perfect place for a multi-purpose shelf. Stock your books or other hardly-used items and free-up some closet space.


5. Replace your Curtains



You read that right. Get some blinds for your room as they take up less space than the traditional curtains. Blinds only cover the windows and don’t create an overwhelming look in a small room. Another advantage is that they don’t gather dust and are easier to clean. 


6. Use Doors



We talked about walls before, but doors are often underrated. Use the back of a door to hang any stuff from clothing to utensils. Make sure to utilize the inside of the closets or kitchen cabinets.


7. Downgrade your Kitchen Table



Do you have a kitchen table that covers up much-needed space? It would be a great idea to sell your huge one and buy a space-effective one. Especially if you find everyone using the dining room table to eat at all times.


Does your home need some refurnishing? We hope these tips will help you feel like you’re in a new, fresh space. Walmart has many interior design options on sale throughout the season. It’s best to make a move right now! Let us know your interior preferences in the comments below.

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