5 Types of Pillows and Their Comfort Benefits for a Well-Rested Night

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5 Types of Pillows and Their Comfort Benefits for a Well-Rested Night

Just a bunch of years ago, getting a pillow needed little to no thought; there were limited types of pillows, and you really did not have a choice. From the kind of cushion inside to the shape of the pillow, there is a pillow for everyone. 


For a night of well-rested sleep, you need a good pillow for your head. There are several types of pillows with unique benefits. Some are better for your neck, while others help ease pain through your whole body. Here are five pillows with comfort benefits that will intrigue you.


1. Memory Foam Pillow
Memory foam pillows are one of the best kinds of pillows to come out of modern technology. They react to your body heat in a way that allows your shoulder and head to adjust perfectly. The foam is made up of many chemicals that change their viscosity with heat and are great for people with shoulder, neck or back pain.


2. Down Pillow
If you are looking for the softest kind of pillow, you need a down pillow. Down pillows are made from the undercoat of a waterfowl. They are very fluffy and light but are not very great for supporting the head. They are suitable for people who sleep on their tummy.


3. Feather Pillow
Feather pillows are also known for their softness and being lightweight, and just like the down pillow, tiny and curled feathers are used to make them. A feather pillow needs to be shaken and fluffed regularly to maintain, but are excellent in their ability to cushion and flexibility.

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4. Latex Pillow
If you suffer from allergies, neck or back pain, you need a latex pillow for a good sleep. They are usually made from 100% natural latex and provide a firm but well-cushioned sleeping surface. They mold according to your head and neck for added comfort.


5. Body Pillow
This is a large pillow that is perfect for cuddling up with. They are usually 54 inches and support the entire body while sleeping as they do not move around. They can be placed between the legs to give lower back support. They are great for women facing trouble sleeping in pregnancy.



Did you know that there are so many types of pillows that exist? If yes, which pillow best suits you for a good night’s sleep? Tell us in the comments below. 

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