5 Types of Flowers that you can Give Your Loved Ones

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5 Types of Flowers that you can Give Your Loved Ones

Flowers have always been a popular way of expressing feelings such as affection or gratitude. But giving someone a flowers is not that simple, especially when you want to provide a particular message. If you’re a guy, receiving a flower will always be considered a romantic gesture. But women, in general, tend to think a lot about it.

It can be challenging picking out the correct flower, the color, the kind; everything needs to be considered before making a choice. You need to know the symbolism and connotations behind flower types and colors before giving one to someone. To help you out, here are five types of flowers that you can give to your loved ones on different occasions.

1. Red or Pink Roses

This is a kind of flower that is obvious to anyone the minute they receive it. Red or pink roses are very mainstream, and you can’t go wrong with them. They symbolize love and passion and are great flowers for any romantic occasion. They will surely set the mood on a date, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary.

2. Yellow Flowers

If you want to give a flowers to a friend, yellow flowers are the way to go. Yellow flowers symbolize friendship, optimism, and joy. There are many yellow flowers, such as the marigold and the sunflower. If you can not visit a friend on their birthday, get birthday flowers delivered right at their doorstep.

3. Funeral Flowers

These flowers, if not taken by you, are sent to the funeral home by flora2000. They can vary in size, but usually, larger flowers in formal arrangements are the norm. The colors blue, white, and green are usual colors for funeral flowers. They symbolize peace, humility and calm. They comfort the people in the funeral home at a time of sadness.

4. Get Well Flowers 

Before you send someone get well flowers be sure to find out if they are home or at the hospital. If they’re in a hospital, avoid getting highly fragrant flowers; assorted arrangements of tulips, irises, and gladioli would be great. If they’re at home, bright houseplants such as marigolds can lift their spirits.

5. Mother’s Day Flowers

Giving your mom flowers on Mother’s Day will show her how much you appreciate her. Flowers such as pink carnations symbolize gratitude and love and red carnations signify admiration.

How do you feel about giving flowers to someone you care about? Do you give it a lot of thought? If this article helped you in any way, let us know in the comments below!

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