5 Things That Will Be Cheaper In 2020

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5 Things That Will Be Cheaper In 2020
People that have been saving their money and waiting for a price drop on certain things are going to be amazed by the deals that they are able to find in 2020. There are certainly some things that are going to cost less than before because economies of scale have changed, and a lot of this has to do with technology.

1. Portable Hard Drives

Portable drives are going to cost even less in 2020 than these devices have been before. More people are utilizing cloud storage. A lot of websites are giving people access to free drives in the cloud so they are utilizing fewer portable hard drives to save and transfer their files.

2. Wired Headphones

It's hard to go to any mall or gym and not see a parade of teenagers walking around with Bluetooth compatible headphones that have no wires. This is great for the consumer that is looking for headphones at lower prices. The Bluetooth headphones are trendy, but these headphones and air pods are also expensive. People that have been waiting for some of their favorite wired

headphones to become cheaper are finally going to get their wish as more consumers flock towards wireless headphones.


People that still want their physical DVD or CD for entertainment purposes are going to find these prices much lower as well. There is a shift in the culture where a lot of people are streaming. More people are also looking at the comeback of vinyl. The LP is something of a novelty again, and people are finding themselves paying more for an LP than they are for a compact disc. This is the reverse of how things were when the compact disc was initially released to the public.

The DVD is also cheaper because more people are into streaming movies and shows. There are some stores that are even providing DVD box sets for whole seasons of shows for less than $5. This is almost unheard of, but even the Dollar tree stores are selling Blu-ray DVDs for consumers for a $1.

4. Smart Phones

The smartphone market continues to evolve, and people that are interested in smartphones would definitely be able to get these devices for less. There are a number of different types of smartphone models on the market, and the acceleration of the new updates for these phones is always changing. New smartphones are being released in less than a year's time. This means that this constant change in phones is going to result in a surplus in older models. This means that these phones are going to be discounted.

5. Food Delivery Services

The concept of food delivery service is also something that is evolving. More people are looking at apps and their ability to order things online. Abundant food delivery lead to more competition, and food delivery services will become cheaper because there is no monopoly. Customers will have more options, and they can choose the low cost options.

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