5 Incredibly Useful Books for Small Businesses

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5 Incredibly Useful Books for Small Businesses

Being a business owner with cut-throat competition is undoubtedly challenging. Countless things have to be taken under consideration, ranging from inventory to expansion. The slightest slip-up can start a cascading effect to bankruptcy. Keeping a business live today is not simple. To guide you through the process of maintaining a healthy business, here are five books that will prove very useful:

1. E-Myth Revisited
This book is known as an underground bestseller in the business world. This is a step-by-step chronology of how a business is formed. E-Myth Revisited is considered a prep course that someone can take before getting started with their business. The E in E-Myth stands for entrepreneurial, therefore aiming at the myths that surround entrepreneurship. This book traces the typical lifespan of a company from its establishment to its success


2. Traction
This is the go-to book for small business owners for problem-solving within their  business. This may not deal with the minor day-to-day issues you may face; instead, the more prominent issues threatening to derail the business. The book is based on the question, "Do you control your business, or does your business control you?"

3. Conquer The Chaos
While traction deals with the more significant issues, conquer the chaos is a book aimed at the day-to-day struggles of a business. If you find yourself doing damage control all day for your business, this book offers you resolutions that can help you greatly if adopted.


4. Deep Work
Deep work is a book that can help you get 90 minutes' worth of productivity in an hour. This book focuses on guiding you to get more work done efficiently. It also gives examples of individuals and what they have done to achieve their success.

5. Start With Why
This book provides the premise that you have two paths that you can take to have effective employees; to inspire them or to manipulate them. The book gives more heed to the inspirational approach and says that the key to inspiration lies in why you started the business in the first place.


We hope you liked our five recommendations. Many people in business endorse these books, and the key to a successful business is knowledge. Please tell us what you think about our suggestions in the comments below!

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