5 breeds of hypoallergenic cats that won't compromise your health

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5 breeds of hypoallergenic cats that won't compromise your health

Are you a cat lover but can't seem to shake off your coughing or sneezing every time you come into proximity of a cat? If you haven't realized it by now, you might be allergic to cats. This news can be crushing for someone who likes cats and even more for someone who may have adopted one. After all, cats are so cute and cuddly.

But don't worry, you aren't barred from cats completely; however, you are restricted to hypoallergenic breeds of cats. This info can be a relief for someone who wants to adopt a cat. So, for you people allergic to cats, here is a list of 5 breeds of cats that are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

1. Balinese
A Balinese cat is also known as a longhaired Siamese. This cat, with its hairier features, seems unlikely to be hypoallergenic, but luckily it is. Balinese cats have all the charm and beauty of a Siamese cat. It is just a natural and spontaneous mutation of the gene of a Siamese cat. Balinese means Oriental Ballerina.



2. Javanese
This cat is another longhaired variety of the Siamese cat. These cats are brilliant, playful, and active, making them the perfect pet for a family. This is a mixture of the Balinese, Colourpoint, and Siamese cat, which is very fond of humans. They are opinionated and will follow you around the house, letting you know their opinion.



3. Devon Rex
The main features of this cat are its oversized ears and large impish eyes. This cute combination, added to the cat's fun-loving, relaxed, and social nature, makes it a fantastic house pet. It is almost as loyal as a dog and will not leave your side.


4. Cornish Rex
The Cornish Rex has a soft, wavy, and rippled coat lacking guard hair. They don't shed like your normal cats do and need very little grooming. It has an arched back with very soft fur, making people fall in love with it immediately.


5. Siberian
The Siberian cat is muscular and very agile; it leaps over great distances and heights. It is an intelligent breed that can get what it wants. Siberian cats are very friendly towards children, other cats, and even some dogs. Also, this breed is known to produce amongst the lowest levels of allergens.


Once you've chosen your pet, be sure to get all the supplies you need from a reputable vendor, such as PetSmart. Tell us about other breeds of hypoallergenic cats in the comments; we're sure there are many more!

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