5 Best Boomboxes of All Time

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5 Best Boomboxes of All Time
Multimedia boomboxes are audio devices that allow you to get sound from several formats and methods of audio and video storage such as cassette tapes, SD cards, CD’s, MP3’s, DVD’s, and even AM/FM radio broadcasts. Boomboxes feature high-quality sound in a very portable package and can come in handy on several occasions. They’re very handy for dance classes, for listening to music while doing household chores, for teaching a class in an auditorium or a hall, where the vocals of a person might not be enough to deliver the lecture- and countless similar situations.

The Convenience Is Unbeatable

With a flick of a button, you can send high-quality sound to meet your needs. While nearly all boomboxes are capable of reproducing music in stereo with two or more speakers, Audio Links says that the modern multimedia boomboxes also offer additional features such as;

  • variable speed playback for interactive language studies
  • microphones to allow teachers to talk over audio programs
  • scalable options for companion speakers to cover large classrooms
  • multiple headphone jacks for conversion into classroom listening centers
  • Slots and USB ports for use of external hard drives, computers, or SD flash memory cards

The Boombox That Suits You

There are several areas that a person needs to consider before they dive into buying a boombox. With today’s variety of audio formats, finding a player that can handle all (or even most) of them can be a challenge. Therefore you need a boombox that can accommodate the types of media that you usually use. Normally people do not need a very huge variety of playback methods and a simple box with basic features of a USB, Bluetooth, FM and a CD player is more than enough for a person who is buying one for home use.

Know Your Space

If you buy a boombox that isn’t designed to operate in the space you have for it, you will not get the desired quality of sound. Huge halls and conference rooms have acoustic challenges that require a system with companion speakers or with multiple built-in speakers that can radiate sound a full 360 degrees. Smaller rooms are fit for musical ambience by a 1 or 2 Watt boombox.

The Top Boomboxes Of All Time

The information above might leave you a bit puzzled as to which boombox to choose from. Don’t worry, we have a few in our sight!

  1. Sony CFDS70BLK CD/Cassette Boombox
  2. Panasonic RX-D55GC-K Boombox
  3. G-Project G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker
  4. Sharp GX-BT9X Portable Bluetooth BoomBox
  5. VELOUR Stereo System Slim Boombox

A Musical Lifestyle

Apparently, Sony still tops the list with its minimalistic design and top of the notch specs. You can make an impact on your friends and family by being the one who never fails to bring the best sound system to events, such as family reunions, parties, and movie nights. The sound produced by these stereos gets you up and dancing in no time- you can have a personalized workout every morning sweating calories to your favourite tunes.

What’s your favourite boombox? Everyone is a music enthusiast in this day and age. According to The Guardian, there are 1,264 genres of popular music out there. Your music fix isn’t hard to find! Do you think there is a boombox better than the ones listed? Feel free to mention it in the comments below!

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